Chatting With The Project Managers Of The Nokia E71

I just found a video over at Youtube that shows an interview with the project managers of the new Eseries devices. Both the Nokia E71 and E66 are talked about and discussed. I believe one of the guys in the interview is the head of the Nokia E-Series line of products. Questions about design and inspiration are answered, they seem very proud of the stainless steel backing of the E71.

Nokia E71 vs. The Blackjack 2 Side By Side Photos

I've been following this post over at Howard Forums and it looks like Rapulo is one of the first to get the Nokia E71. He got the black version and has posted up some pictures of it next to the Blackjack 2. The E71 is much thinner and a little bit more narrow.

Check out some of the photos...

Not bad huh? Click here to see a few more photos by Rapolu and check out the rest of the forum topic.

Nokia E71 White Video Review By The Fellas At

I was checking out Mark Guim's website at today and he found a great video review of the upcoming E71 white version. Like Mark, the more I see the white version the more I like it. It just looks so elegant and clean.

The guy from that is reviewing the white E71 said that he loves the way it looks and it reminds him of a Northern European style with the different whites. He notes that the stainless steel on the back cover is a great finishing touch.

Enough of me talking, check out the video below...

To find out more about this review head over to Gearlog's article and ask some questions.

Are any of you leaning more towards the E71 white? I usually like black Nokia phones but this version of white looks damn sexy!

Even More Detailed Specs Of The Nokia E71

I posted the other day a link to Nokia's detailed E71 specifications list. If you need even more facts about the upcoming Nokia business phone I found another link that should help you even more.

Over at Nokia's forum website is a huge page full of numbers and terms that most advanced phone guru's would like know before spending $500 bucks on the Nokia E71.

Click here to check out the detailed device specs.

Nokia E71 Unboxing & Overview Video From Gadzilla

The dudes over at have posted a new Nokia E71 unboxing video that also gives a nice overview and rundown of some of the physical and internal features. Perhaps the most interesting thing to note is how impressed the reviewer is with the speed of the Symbian OS. The menu loads in a snap and his faster than his Nokia N95. This is the first I've seen of the new "heart beat" pulsating glow around the d-pad, something I'm enjoying on my Nokia N78 test unit. Hopefully it will pulsate differently to notify you of missed calls and sms messages, just like on the N78.

Check out the video unboxing & overview of the Nokia E71...

Click here to head over to and ask more questions and check out more parts of his review later this week.

Full Nokia E71 Specifications & Details

Searching for the Nokia E71 in google gives you tons of reviews and photos of the Nokia E71. If your looking for a simple list of specifications and details, look no further than this specs page over at Nokia's official website.

Just warning you, it's a super long list!

Lengthy Video Review Of The Nokia E71 By The Boy Genius

Somehow the lucky fellas over at Boy Genius Report got their *grubby* hands on the beautiful new Nokia E71 a few weeks back. How did they manage to get it? Who knows, but they sure do have some good connections.

Check out the video below as the reviewer takes you through most of the basic aspects of the phone, giving you a look at the ins & outs of the highly anticipated Symbian S60 smartphone that's sure to take the mobile market by storm.

I find it awesome that the E71 will feature the new "Modes" tool that will allow you to setup your phone for different aspects of your life. For instance I can give my phone a more business feel during the during the week and switch to a funner mode for the weekend that might give me faster access to applications such as Shozu & Sports Tracker or maybe some fun games like Snakes or Tetris. I'll go more into this feature in a later post.

If you have more questions about the video head over to this post at BGR.

Can A Qwerty Phone Be Considered Small? The Nokia E71 Gets The Title

Rita from the popular Nokia & Symbian website recently got her small hands on the Nokia E71. She is thouroughly amazed at how small and compact the Symbian S60 powered smartphone is. Check out how she describes the tiny form factor:

"...the E71 was my BIG astonishment of the day. It didn’t just surprise me, it actually made my jaw drop, literally, which made the Nokia rep laugh at me. The astonishment is due to the tiny tiny tiny (copy and paste that over a 1000 times) form factor. I can’t emphasize enough on how small, thin and pocketable it is. Basically, when the devices were on the table, I was looking and thought all of them were E66s, then when they announced the E71, they held one of them and I noticed the Qwerty on the bottom part. I was speechless."

It really is shocking to hear how thin and small this phone actually is. The iPhone for example is 12.3mm thick. The Nokia E71 business phone sizes in at a measly 10mm. Not to mention it's also 1mm shorter than the iPhone. But who's comparing right?

What does all this mean? Well, for one business people no longer have to carry around a bulging phone that lacks the basics (in Nokia's mind) like GPS and WiFi. Nokia also somehow packed in a 3.2mp camera. Go figure.

For more about the size and form of the Nokia E71 read the rest of the article by Rita of

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