Can A Qwerty Phone Be Considered Small? The Nokia E71 Gets The Title

Rita from the popular Nokia & Symbian website recently got her small hands on the Nokia E71. She is thouroughly amazed at how small and compact the Symbian S60 powered smartphone is. Check out how she describes the tiny form factor:

"...the E71 was my BIG astonishment of the day. It didn’t just surprise me, it actually made my jaw drop, literally, which made the Nokia rep laugh at me. The astonishment is due to the tiny tiny tiny (copy and paste that over a 1000 times) form factor. I can’t emphasize enough on how small, thin and pocketable it is. Basically, when the devices were on the table, I was looking and thought all of them were E66s, then when they announced the E71, they held one of them and I noticed the Qwerty on the bottom part. I was speechless."

It really is shocking to hear how thin and small this phone actually is. The iPhone for example is 12.3mm thick. The Nokia E71 business phone sizes in at a measly 10mm. Not to mention it's also 1mm shorter than the iPhone. But who's comparing right?

What does all this mean? Well, for one business people no longer have to carry around a bulging phone that lacks the basics (in Nokia's mind) like GPS and WiFi. Nokia also somehow packed in a 3.2mp camera. Go figure.

For more about the size and form of the Nokia E71 read the rest of the article by Rita of

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