Lengthy Video Review Of The Nokia E71 By The Boy Genius

Somehow the lucky fellas over at Boy Genius Report got their *grubby* hands on the beautiful new Nokia E71 a few weeks back. How did they manage to get it? Who knows, but they sure do have some good connections.

Check out the video below as the reviewer takes you through most of the basic aspects of the phone, giving you a look at the ins & outs of the highly anticipated Symbian S60 smartphone that's sure to take the mobile market by storm.

I find it awesome that the E71 will feature the new "Modes" tool that will allow you to setup your phone for different aspects of your life. For instance I can give my phone a more business feel during the during the week and switch to a funner mode for the weekend that might give me faster access to applications such as Shozu & Sports Tracker or maybe some fun games like Snakes or Tetris. I'll go more into this feature in a later post.

If you have more questions about the video head over to this post at BGR.


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  2. The video isn't showing up.


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