Nokia E71 vs. The Blackjack 2 Side By Side Photos

I've been following this post over at Howard Forums and it looks like Rapulo is one of the first to get the Nokia E71. He got the black version and has posted up some pictures of it next to the Blackjack 2. The E71 is much thinner and a little bit more narrow.

Check out some of the photos...

Not bad huh? Click here to see a few more photos by Rapolu and check out the rest of the forum topic.


  1. The E71 looks great, but it would look even greater in RED! any word of other colors coming out mike?

  2. Hi Jeff. Welcome to the blog. I haven't seen a red version but I do think that would be great. I'll get working on a photochop to see what I can come up with.

  3. Eric.

    Hey mike i heard some rumors that the keys on the nokia fade after long use. is this true? i have the blackjack 2 but i just really like nokias in general. so do the keys have a backlight to them and do they fade after long use?

  4. It may think when it is compared with other device. Moreover it is claimed as the best smartphone in 2008.I'm really digging the white version as well.It's weird because I'm usually a fan of black phones but this isn't the case.


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