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  1. Does your E71 fail to download video clips that are in .mpg format?

    Mine displays message "Not supported". I recall that in the E61, even when the phone didn't recognise the format, it allows one to save the link to the clip. No such option in the E71 though.

    any ideas on how to overcome this issue?

    The E71 can download .wmv files but dunno where the heck it saved it to...used Y-Browser to trawl but can't find it. is it because it's invisible to the phone if it doesn't understand the format?

  2. Hi,
    I am currently using the WLAN to connect to the wireless at my home and office. Is there a setting which it an auto connect to an access point? rather than scan and connect manually?

    The other question is, i am currently using SEVEN for my emails. After I have been connected to the wireless, why do i still need to configure the accesspoint in SEVEN? won't it automatically connect to the same accesspoint?

    Lastly, will I be able to charge my hp via the usb to my notebook?

  3. Hey

    Thanks for the efforts on the blog. Have you figured any way to change the text-to-speech from a british accent to an american accent?

  4. Hi Mike. I bought an E71 two days ago. Data transferred from my old E61 like a breeze, mail set up also same...in short I love it.

    However Nokia Suite 7 does not seem to have a disconnect button unlike the earlier versions I used to use on the E61. I just have the option to exit. Then even if I try and sue the remove hardware safely function in the taskbar, it refuses to disconnec the phone saying there is some program still accessing it (even tho there are no programs open). The result is I then just remove the cable. I had to do this 2-3 times and suspect my data card got corrupted during one such disconnection. (I already had a later version of Nokia Suite-ver 7.08 downloaded and installed and hence did not use the Nokia Suite that came with the phone ver.6.86)

    My queries if you will,

    1. Is a hardware reset the only way to format the card? I am loath to do that since I would loose all my setting and would need to spend an hour or two or so configuring and customising. The I can live without the card till I use up my phone memory.

    2. Now the card was preloaded with some software which I would have lost. It also had a private folder that was visible only in the desktop but not on the phone. A format would not create that and is there any permament loss from it?

    3. I keep running into a stupid issue. While I copied everything from my E61, today morning at syncing, I got duplicate entries for my entire contact list and calender and tasks. Since it synced after with Outlook, my outlook account also has double entries. I had set the server to win in case of conflict, so don't know why this happened (It happended 2-3 times with my E61 too-suspect comes from my ignorance). Is there a rule I need to rmemebr to avoid this kind of thing in the future?


  5. I am an E71 owner and am totally baffled by a problem with Nokia Maps. The program worked fine for about one day. Then it would constantly fail to load - reaching about 30% on the launch screen and then crashing. After much fiddling around, speaking to Nokia helpdesk, uninstalling, reinstalling, reloading UK maps, erasing folders etc, I finally got it to work. But EVER SINCE then I have never had any luck with the Satellite view. Whereas it should show photo views of streets, all I get is a pale green screen with my location on it. Have the satellite images failed to load or something? I can use Google Maps quite happily but they cost data traffic. Can anyone help? Many thanks, Ian, Norwich, UK.

  6. Brett
    Is it possible to increase the size of the text in email and sms. I have set size to large but it is still large enough for me?

  7. Hey I have a pretty dumb question (hopefully)..

    Is there some kind of on-screen dial pad that can be used to call numbers? Like for example, when you have to dial a number which contains letters (eg, 1-800-COMCAST), how do you do that without having to look at another phone to figure it out?


  8. I'm not sure what is going on with my MfE suddenly..

    So I just set my phone to Offline, and then put it back on General.

    Now I keep getting a message saying "Mail for Exchange server does not support always on sync schedule"

    I'm currently not syncing anything because I have it set to manual during my peak hours (which is now).

    What happened here? All I did was switch the profile... something must have been reset, but I didnt see any setting about "always on" in my MfE settings.


  9. Hi,

    Seriously u are too good , most of my queries have been answered above but i still miss i small but very important part in E71

    I used E51 earlier and when ever i used to get mails the preview of 2 mails were shown always on home screen , but in new E71 version 100.07.76 i am not able to see the preview , it gives me the option to see the email in numbers or snippets of unread mail . i am looking forward to see the same email view if possible for last two mails received , it was actually very very useful to me

    I am too thankful in advance , pls help to get this issue over


  10. Hi, im not sure if anyone else has has the same problem but I recently bought an E71 and the rubber cover for the USB/memory card does not close properly on one side. Any suggesstions as to what I should do. As I said I just purchased it last week.

  11. Hi Alex,

    So I am not the only one confronted with this tiny annoying detail (rubber cover not fitting) I guess this is how they all are, what is just amazing is that I haven't found this infromation anywhere, you're the first one complaining about it. What I'm gonna is to cut the end of it, because it really pisses me off.

    In another line of thought... I just got the E71 and what it does now is really weird: it connects to either WLAN or via 3G to the internet and i cannot disconnect whatsoever. I wonder if there is any program that does this automatically. Any suggestions please?

  12. Hi there - lately had an issue after a failed sync via Mail for Exchange. It seems all my contacts have disappeared...the strange thing is that none appears when i press the key for contacts.

    When checking the phone and extra disk, i do see like 1mb of data under contacts on the phone disk, but 0 on the extra disk. So i guess the key for contacts currently guides me to the extra disk, but there are no contacts. How can I change the source for the contacts?

    Also strange is that, after pressing the contacts key, all i see is white screen with the close button on lower right, no options or anything like that.

    Thanks for you help. Mathias.

  13. hello all
    i recenty bought the e71 outright and none of my settings work. i cant access the internet, set up email or anything. the only thing i can do is send and recieve messages and phone calls

    please help.

  14. hello,

    i have had my E71 for a couple of months now. ever since i got it, i have been having issues with the camera. It dosent always work, when i press the "capture" button the screen goes blank and its like the phone crashes. I was advised to do an update of the software which i did today, and unfortunatly the update reset my phone and i lost everything!! is that normal? is there a way i can get my messages and my contacts back? Is there a way to fix the camera?

    Please help....


  15. I do have, according to *#0000# the following phone:

    Nokia: E71-2 (32)

    Internal Code (below battery): 0553094

    While checking for firmware updates, the "code" validator site states that there is indeed firmware version 200.21.118 available for my E71.

    Nevertheless, Nokia Software updater reports that my phone is an RM-346 and that there are no firmware updates.

    Why is that RM-357 versus RM-346 mistmatch ? I have tried both updaters: Spanish and English versions, latest both of them witht the same results.

    My phone was bought from a Nokia store in Mexico.

    Your comments are appreciated. TIA.

  16. Hi There,

    Using Nokia PC Suite how can we take backup of "My Folders" under message?

    After backup if we restore we got only Inbox and rest folders except "My Folders".

    Please advice.

    with RGDS.


  17. Hi,

    I recently got a memory card for my E71x. I saved all photos to the card and it worked fine for about 2 weeks. Then the phone froze. Background light wouldn't shut off, none of the buttonsw worked, and it didn't recognize the charger. So I ordered a replacement phone. When I inserted the memory card, the new phone started running extremely slow, so I removed the memory card and it ran fine. I reinserted the card and it began freezing again. Any idea what the deal is. I have about 200 photos on my memory card. Is there any way to retrieve them or make the phone work properly with the memory card?

  18. Hi,
    How can we hide icons in application menu or in any folder for E71?

    Is there any 3rd party software that would help?

  19. Kellyraath

    Was wondering if anyone knows how to help me, my E71 keeps deleting my contacts from my contacts list and i have to keep copying them over from my sim card. however sometimes im loosing numbers which is really annoying

  20. Stu_4_U

    High Guys, loving my E71, had it for 12 months am having two problems:
    Setting local country dialling code (I think), my phone is not dynamically recognising inbound +44 tagged number and second problem not matching to my contact lists.

    Help please, ta.

  21. CY I just hard set my E71 as advised ie holding 3 and * then green button, then I synchronised my newly reset E71 to the PC Suite in my computer. Problem is all my contacts have somehow dissappeared and now my PC Suite says '0 contact'!
    Is there a way to retrieve my previous contact record?
    One good thing is I have a contact list in my BB Bold - is there a way to get that info back to PC Suite?
    Help please. Thanks.

  22. i have Nokia E71,when i view contact details i can view only the names.
    i want to view name and contact numbers.what is the solution for that.

  23. Hi guys I have Nokia e71 and facing one single problem.after little bit of usage when i press menu key it doesnt respond and small sort of white line appears on the homescreen.When restarted it works fine.what shall ido?And If i want to update firmware will it lock my phone to the orginal 02 network coz at the moment I am using it on orange.

  24. hi, m ussing e 71 and i want to record some calls but i realy don't know how can i do that
    plezzzz help me to do that.......

  25. Ive had my E71 for 15 months and in the last 4-6 months, ive encountered and issue where when i reach certain parts of certain cities while driving, the phone will do a continuous shut down and restart 4 times and then stay off. Upon restarting it may do the same 4 cycles and stay off or stay on after the first few shut downs. Other times it would operate flawlessly. I was suspecting some type of interference via rf or microwave transmitters then i thought it may be the battery connections becoming loose. I did a factory reset and backup to no avail. Any help would be appreciated as it has become a very irritating issue id like to solve

  26. i have a problem. i need help on how to delete a saved video clip from my Nokia E71. if anyone knows how to, PLEASE HELP ME!!

  27. Hey

    I have tried to use the multiscanner on my nokia E71. But whenevr i scan for text, the output is gibberish and the proper text is not displayed. I have tried changing the language, but it is still the same. I also focus the image before clickin. Still there is no use. Can u suggest how i can make it work properly?

  28. hey,
    I just bought my nokia E71. but I cannot find gps software and wifi in it.why did I cannot find it?


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