E71 Blackberry Connect Alternative: Seven Email Application Pushes Email Instantly

As of right now there is no solution for the Nokia E71 and Blackberry Connect. But if you need BB Connect like speeds on your E71 than looks no further than Seven beta email application. I've been using it on the Nokia E71 for a few days now and I couldn't be happier.

Seven uses a data or Wlan connection to always stay connected to your inbox. I find it more reliable than the built in email application especially when you lose a connection. Seven reconnects fast and updates your inbox while sometimes I find the built in application isn't connected. I've also tested the retrieval speed and Seven is fast. Within seconds the email appears on your phone sometimes faster than on my computer desktop. Keep in mind it uses your messaging application instead of it's own layout. You will always have the Seven application running in the background.

Perhaps my favorite feature is that Seven downloads more than just your header on the E71. You can set it to download X amount of KB from each message. The default number is 10kb and so far I haven't had to spend any time retrieving a message, unlike the default IMAP setting on the built in application which makes you manually retrieve each header.

To use Seven you must sign up for an account with them and they send you a link to the download page on your phone. Right now they don't have the Nokia E71 listed but the E90 version works just fine for me.

A few other things. I've only used it to connect to my Gmail account. I'm not sure how it works with other services. All you need to do is enter your username and password of your Gmail account and the rest of the settings will happen automatically.

According to their website, you can download the following versions of the application.

Consumer Edition
Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail/MSN or other POP/IMAP email services

Out of Office™
Corporate email on Microsoft Exchange (Exchange 2000 and 2003), where Outlook Web Access is enabled.

Workgroup Edition
Corporate email on Microsoft Exchange (Exchange 2000, 2003, and 2007), Lotus Domino (versions 6, 6.5, and 7), or POP servers behind the firewall, for up to 25 users on a single installation.

Enterprise Edition
Corporate email on Microsoft Exchange (Exchange 2000, 2003, and 2007), Lotus Domino (versions 6, 6.5, and 7), or POP servers behind the firewall, for up to 1500 users per connector installation.

Once you get everything set up on your phone there are plenty of settings to play with. One thing I recommend is to set your log level to "fatal" so that the application doesn't create unneeded logs of everything you do. This will only slow down the application.

Another great thing about this application is it allows for multiple email accounts. Zach from Symbian In Motion mentions in one of his articles about Seven...
Sure there are still a few issues with the SEVEN email solution, but nothing is perfect. The latest version of SEVEN’s beta is truly terrific though. I have all six of my main email accounts loaded up and it handles them in stride. Exchange, Lotus Notes, POP, IMAP; it pushes them all to ensure your email is in your hands in a timely fashion, regardless of protocol. It syncs my contact with exchange, supports a variety of great functionality and to be frank it’s essentially the only available solution that meets my needs at the moment.

Of course you may run into some slight problems like with any applications but the great thing is Seven is free. So if you don't like it just delete it off your phone.

Click here to go to Seven's homepage and get started. Let me know if it works out for you.


  1. What version of SEVEN Application is compatible with E71? as far as I know, E71 is not listed on the installation.

  2. Hi kkxman. the e90 version works just fine on the nokia e71.

  3. Mike:

    Can you post some details, what version of E71 are you using, what version of BB Connect did you get to work on the E71. What carrier are you using? Would love a bit more detail. There are many other posts around the net saying the E90 BB Connect does not work on E71. I have been using the E90 version on the E51 for some time, and would love to be able to use it on the E71. I use mine in the U.S. on AT&T.

  4. Just installed the Seven client. I like the functionality, but the font displaying the email is a little small, any way to change the font displayed?

  5. @ Miami. This isn't BB Connect. This is a decent alternative to get BB Connect like speeds from your email. It's true that right now there is no BB Connect application that works with the E71 but I am sure support will be coming soon.

    @ New Seven User... I'm not sure if there is a way to change to font size. If there is let me know.

  6. I've installed it and had to give up on it. It ran down my E71 battery within a day, when without Seven, my battery would last at least 3 days. I suppose if you don't have or don't want to get a Blackberry, and are constantly near a power source, this is a good alternative.

  7. Yes Zahar it's because the data connection is always open. I charge my phone every night so it doesn't matter for me. Like I said I'm hoping that RIM and Nokia get their problems with the E71 worked out soon.

  8. Mike,
    i have an operator , and i pay for the BlackBerry service on my mobile, my question is : if the data connection is always open the service it,s too expensive no? or they connect trought blackberry service ( i think no)?

    Thanks in advance

  9. You really need to ask you operator that question.

  10. If my company provides only BB service to access to email is it posible to use Seven to get the emails without any change on company email system?

  11. Seven Mail is available in India through Airtel (Service Provider) but it's expensive. They are asking approx $25 a month and in comparison BB Connect, on annual payment is just about $15 a month.

    Bad Luck there

  12. I've been using Seven also for a while, and it's a great software. There's only one issue that I can't get an answer to. When sending email from the phone it goes in the "Sent" messages folder on the phone, and no on the server. Any suggestions to how resolve this issue? Anyone else facing the same?

  13. I just tested the SEVEN version for Nokia E70 listed...and it works perfectly for my E71 :)

  14. which is better, the E70 or E90 version?

    also, any ideas as to how 'sent' items on the phone can also be in sent items on the server?

  15. Hello,

    I use the same software in france. I bought it on this website : http://www.lepushmail.com
    This soft is really reliable.
    I used to play on windows mobile too and the result is also great. (be sure now i prefer Symbian)

  16. I keep getting "data error" after I put in my email login info, example I enter my username and password, once I hit enter, I get this error message. Any ideas how to fix this problem?

  17. I have the E71 with the Seven email on Orange it receives email byt will not send just says Error sending mail - any ideas?

  18. wow.. my phone gets really warmed up when Seven is running.. gosh..

  19. I just installed Seven in my E71 works flawlessly, I thought I would share some pros and cons.
    1. setup never been easy
    2. deliver mail faster than post office guy
    3. Easy UI

    1. sends SMS to UK number like mad, from where I live it's quite a cost to send international sms and it sent 5 sms in the last 2 hours.
    2. drains battery like a vampire on viagra

    my 2 cents

  20. Tried to install Seven in my E71 and nothing is working. Every installation step i complete seems to hit a problem. How do i delete it from the phone? TJ

  21. I just installed on my E71, everything works fine EXCEPT that there WILL NOT be an email alert tone when mail arrives.

  22. How can I change SEVEN to check my mails time-to-time, and not realtime? Like for example in every 15 minutes, as it is possible at Mail for exchange?


  23. Have installed Seven on my mobile but i face one big problem of Attachments... it truncates messages only to max 50KB...

    Any Solutions.... to this if anybody knows or any other software which is as good as Seven...

  24. Is there any way to receive audio alerts for email with the system seven program? I like the program so far and it's worked without any problems, however, I want audio alerts, does anyone know how to enable this or if it will become a feature? Thanks!

  25. You don't have to download seven.

    The e-mail option is built in your device if symbian like E-series.

    Just go to your messaging application and setup your email and that's it.

  26. Ramkrishna

    Please send me the lotus notes server name and no,
    My nokia phone model no is E71, but i don't the server address,
    my mobile no is 9748487886,
    please send me the server address

  27. i can't get the software download link for my e71, could anyone help?

  28. Seven is not a perfect mail application.you cannot retrieve full mails,cannot sync spam folder (where sometimes useful mails go),drains battery,sends sms to some UK no whever you set it up (twice) which is costly.
    ALL OF YOU TRY ROADSYNC.This is the BEST.Buy the software from Nokia Ovi store where there is a discount currently.You will thank me for it....


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