E71 & Gmail: How To Set Up IMAP With The Built-In Messaging Application

Here are the steps you take for setting up Gmail on your Nokia E71 using the built in messaging application. I find this solution to be very good, except that it doesn't download the full emails automatically, only the headers. It's not really a huge problem as it only takes 2-3 seconds to retrieve the email.

Reminder (thanks to Rita): With the E71 you don't need to do all these settings to set up Gmail imap, the E71 will find all them for you when you enter your username and password. But if your having problems like I was when outgoing messages or anything else you can go into your settings for that email account and make sure they all look like what you see below. Make sure your security ports are set right.

Steps for setting up Gmail, straight from Google:

To configure IMAP for your Symbian S60 device, just follow these steps:

1. Enable IMAP in your Gmail settings.
2. Select 'Messaging' > 'Options' > 'Settings' > 'E-mail' > 'Mailboxes.'
3. If you have never set up email on your phone before, select 'Yes' to define a new mailbox. If you already have other mailboxes, select 'Options' and then 'New mailbox.'
4. Select 'Start' to begin the setup wizard.
5. Select 'IMAP4' and then 'Next.'
6. Enter your full email address (including '@gmail.com') as the email address and select 'Next.' Google Apps users, enter your full address in the format 'username@your_domain.com.'
7. Enter 'imap.gmail.com' as the incoming mail server and select 'Next.'
8. Enter 'smtp.gmail.com' as the outgoing mail server and select 'Next.'
9. Select the appropriate access point and then 'Next.'
10. Enter a descriptive name for the email account mailbox name.
11. Once your mailbox is set up, select it from the email mailbox settings screen.
12. Select 'Connection settings' > 'Incoming e-mail.'
13. Enter your address (including '@gmail.com' or '@your_domain.com') and password.
14. Select 'SSL/TLS' for your security (ports) and define your port as '993.'
15. Select 'Back.'
16. Select 'Outgoing e-mail.'
17. Enter your email address (including '@gmail.com' or '@your_domain.com') and password.
18. Select 'StartTLS' for your security (ports) and define your port as '587.'
19. Select 'Back' and change any other settings according to your preferences.

That's just for getting it set up. Once it's all set up you can configure some of your own settings. For instance under Automatic Retrievel I set it for 15 minutes and I can close my email inbox yet it stays connected and pushes new mail through just as it arrives in my real inbox. If for some reason the data connection is broken it will automatically reconnect after 15 minutes.

All emails are synced perfectly with your real inbox almost instantly. If you want to delete something from your phone you can but if you choose "phone and server" it will simply archive it in Gmail, which is actually quite handy I think.

Are any of you using this as your email solution?

If you need further details and some screenshots you can check out this great article by the fellas from All About Symbian.


  1. In my opinion the better solution is Gmail application. http://www.google.com/mobile/default/mail/index.html

  2. Why the heck can't we set it to download more than just the header? The 2-3 seconds might not be much, but if you don't have a data connection, it's useless!

    This is extremely frustrating.

  3. @ slawek... that is another solution but it doesn't alert me when I have new emails coming in.

    @ anonymous... Yeah it's pretty lame that we can't download more than the header automatically. If your problem is your worried about not having a data connection your best bet is right before you know your going to leave your data connection just "mark all" and retrieve all new emails. It might take a minute to download them all but at least you have them for when your away from a hotspot.

  4. Well, I find that when auto download of header is used, it downloads my whole gmail inbox, which is very big... I am guessing you need to use the gmail archive button to reduce the size of the inbox .

  5. If you want real Push trough IMAP set your connection interval to 30 minutes. after that restart your phone.

    30 minutes = IMAP Idle = Realtime Push

    When your phone boot's up it connects to your mailbox and remains idle when there's no activity. after 30 minutes it gives a little ping to inform the server it is still connected.

    When a message arives your phone will be informed immediately because your connection is Idle waiting.

    I get notifocations within 1 or 2 seconds!

  6. 30 minutes = IMAP Idle = Realtime Push

    Imap Idle is power effecient!

    Imap Idle is data effecient!

  7. WTF Mike?! The E71 supports the new email setup system from Nokia, you only enter the username and password and it sets up all the rest!!! No need for these useless 19-20 steps! Then you only need to set it to automatically retrieve every x minutes. That's it.

    Come on, what applies to one S60 doesn't necessarily apply to all S60!

  8. i have used SEVEN to get my email from only one gmail account, it does it within a couple of seconds, but my battery lasts less then two days in this mode... now i set up the internal program, it gets the messages but i dont get the notification, so i dont know when i have new email.. kinda beats the purpose.. is it supposed to be this way or did i do something wrong please ??

  9. haha Rita thanks for reminding me. I totally forgot when I set up my E71 that it was so simple. i remember going in a manually double checking all the settings cuz i wasn't able to send mail. not sure what i was doing wrong.

    but thanks again i gotta update my article.

    @ zik, you should be getting notifications just fine. go into your "modes" settings and make sure you have enabled that inbox to be notified.

  10. Hi

    configured gmail on default messaging application on E71 but the messaging application slowed down.. or almost hung.. any ideas?

  11. Well when you use this application and turn on auto retrieval it will download ALL messages in your inbox. So the only solution is to go in and archive your stuff. I don't keep more than 100 messages now.

    if thats not your problem then i don't know what else it can be. a good tip is to store your messages on your phone and not your card.

  12. I am not able to send mails from gmail set up on E71 email application. I followed the steps given by Mika and also given on the gmail website. No luck.
    I am in India.
    Any ideas?
    Do I have to restart the phone after setup. I can receive the mails though.

  13. Ok. It just started working all by itself. Mush have been having a bad hair day earlier.


  14. I'm receiving both gmail and Yahoo mail to my E71 successfully but neither will send. Any ideas?

    I'm receiving and sending Exchange emails via Roadsync for a work related account just fine also.



  15. One more thing, I've checked all settings to ensure they match with the gmail guidelines.



  16. i'm getting a "General: Feature Not Supported" message for outgoing mail for some reason

    any ideas?

    i can connect to my inbox no problem and retrieve just fine.

  17. ok guys. you really need to use these settings I gave you. Even if you have already checked, go in and double check under "outgoing email".

    Make sure the security ports are correct. The E71 doesn't set them up correctly.

    Select 'StartTLS' for your security (ports) and define your port as '587.'

  18. i dont understand why true "push" email is not available in a phone this feature rich. i agree with the above posts regarding headers. i hate to say it, but why is blackberry so far ahead on this issue? no push . . . no full email content? am i doing something wrong?

  19. Why bother with expensive blackberry plans? I've used emoze push mail for over a week (www.emoze.com) without problems, it's free, I use it with both wifi and hsdpa (or gprs) connection. Works like a charm and new email messages and calender items get pushed to within 30 seconds after getting in my inbox :)

  20. I agree. I will be making a post about emoze soon.

  21. Thankyou so much this was a major help!

  22. I Have MAC mail pushed to my E71. I subscribe to the ME account for Mac. All of my Email folders are synced to the E71 and works great! save a couple of issues...
    The Hard Button for Mail doesn't work intermittently (more often than not), a on/off of the phone brings it back to life.
    also the Mail I receive in the Mac account for some reason sees a date of the latest download for ALL of my email.. example.. I got an email from Mr Widget on March 4 2008, If my phone downloads the email today alllll of my existing emails are dated as if they were sent today.. If I go back to my desktop.. I can see Mr.Widget's Email correctly dated.. for some reason, the sending of the MAC mail doesn't keep the date synced up. It doesn't show them as UNREAD , just the date of the email.. kind of annoying.
    My Gmail account does not do this... I am thinking it's a MAC mail issue..
    anyone else?

  23. may i know if the port has anything to do with country ??
    is every country have a different no for the port?
    i set it as advice and i manage to download and send and delete and dont seems to have any problem.
    only that i need to go into my provider for connection and concern if different port no will burn my pocket

  24. I know this is a problem that has plagued me for a few days now... I THINK I finally figured it out... At least for me, you need to be positive you are extremely careful with your password entry upon initial setup. No matter WHAT I did, if the password was incorrect when the phone first grabbed the settings, I could not fix the security and ports for the outgoing to get it to work. I had all the same symptoms as what people have posted here. I could received (once I entered the right pw) but could not send, no matter what port or security settings. I deleted my mailbox and was more careful with my typing (as I became used to the keyboard) and now it's fine. I hope this helps...

  25. There are several places on the web to find the IMAP/SMTP settings. For me, though, hey all stop just short of the real issue - the retrieval settings. I've tried playing around with them, but I'm still confused. Specifically:
    - under User settings, should New e-mail alerts be on?
    - under Automatic retrieval, should I enable E-mail notifications or E-mail retrieval? Seems to be I want both, but that's not allowed.
    Any recommendations? I'm looking for a mailbox that stays connected, acts like a push system and shows the "@" status on my powersaver when messages are waiting. Thanks.

  26. For the guys struggling to send e-mails, in the outgoing e-mail settings make sure that both your email address and username are the same and both include your full email address

  27. Lol this phone really is shit had the E51 went to get a blackberry curve cuz of the push email ..as from what ive heard blackberry even pushes hotmail onto it other than nobodys been able to differentiate between blackberry devices and E series... i went thru the entire comments tried the settings adviced by u guys changed the outgoing port which by default is different was getting the General Feature not supported message earlier now after changing the port and deleting the mailbox and redoing it it stays queued in outbox:S thinking of getting rid of it and going with curve 8320 even though e71 looks hot only if it could deal with the email woes

  28. lol a new error SERVER NOT FOUND when trying to send mails

  29. Hello,

    So Gmail work fine... but how do i get Gmail Chat on my E71!!!!!

    Via IM programs it won't work.. Suggestions? Solutions?!

    Thanks for this great site, really helps!

  30. yeah do a search here for "slick IM"

  31. @faronking

    Fring is a freeware client which works great with the E71 and enables Gmail / Gtalk chat, msn, Skype ...

    you can get it for free at www.fring.com

  32. Hi,

    I am from Hyderabad, India. I have a Vodafone connection and have taken up Vodafone Live GPRS service for mails etc.

    I have created the account as per the steps above (or rather as Rita said; and then just changed the outgoing server settings for StartTLS).

    After configuration, I selected options->connect and after waiting for over 2-3 minutes, the mailbox does not connect and a message is shown (it displays only for a sec, so i could not note it down).

    Any help whatsoever to figure out what is going on will be much appreciated.

    Btw, Gmail app 2.0 works fine. But sadly there are no automatic notification settings for that *sigh*.

  33. Hello,

    I followed as above exactly the many steps, but no success.
    I can't connect to my gmail account, with the same error message, as a time out, than "pkj".

    The only thing I found that was different from the steps, is the port for incoming e-mail which I can't put at 993 because each time I come back in the settings, it is "by default"...

    Please help us...

  34. If you can't send a mail through gmail's SMTP server, try re-entering the password for the SMTP server (in your mailbox settings on the E71). For me, it worked. I had never entered it there in the first place - it was created when the gmail mailbox was set up on the phone. Maybe there's a bug in the phone that makes the SMTP (send) password different from the IMAP (receive) password when setting the mailbox up automagically.

  35. Hello,
    exist any chance to sync also the contact images ? "Mail for exchange" does it not :(

    Any idea ?

    Cheers, Peter

  36. For some reason my gmail e-mail alert does not work. Ik work via IMAP. I get a sound signal when ik have new mail but it does not appear on my screen. For my work e-mail it doe work. Does anyone have th same issue?

  37. Hello....

    I am from Gurgaon(Haryana), India, using Vodafone as my Service Provider and GPRS connection as Vodafone Live and also Hutch World.... have tried all settings, combination of settings, configurations, but still not able to successfully use Yahoo & Gmail on my E71... I am getting error "Mailbox idle for specified time"...

    PLEASE HELP !!!!

  38. Hello,
    I'm from Brazil and I just received my E71.
    I'm facing exactly the same issue as the guys from India. I follow all the recommended steps but when requesting to retrive the messages, it takes a long time and them promp the same message as pkj and others above.

    It seems there is an issue with non US users.


  39. Hello fellow E71'ers... lol

    The naswer to my mail problems were solved when i installed "Nokia Messaging"

    Visit http://email.nokia.com and install.

    Im not sure if nokia are'nt going to slap a charge on this at some point.. but for now its working perfectly.. with instant delivery of mail to my device.

    You guys having problme with Gmail and accessing your account. Have you checked you have enabled IMAP in the gmail control panel ???.. Worth a check !!

    I have also found Smartconenct by birdstep another great app.. This allows you to prioritise connections and the device automatically connect in that order.. Relief !!

    Hope the above is helpful !!


  40. anybody knows how to setup yahoo mail?

  41. I set up using the procedure said above, but it says incoming mail server not found .. Can someone please help ?
    I'd like to setup my gmail on my E71

  42. Hello....

    I am from Bangalore(Karnataka), India, using Vodafone as my Service Provider and GPRS connection as Vodafone Live and also Hutch World.... have tried all settings, combination of settings, configurations, but still not able to successfully use Yahoo & Gmail on my E71... I am getting error "Mailbox idle for specified time"...

    PLEASE HELP !!!!

  43. VODAFONE India users

    Enable Vodafone Mobile Connect (VMC) on your phone connections. Vodafone Live and HutchWorld GPRS will not work. Once VMC is activated (it;ll take a couple of hours) gmail/ yahoo will work like a dream.

    Worked for me guys!! hope this helps you.

  44. How do I delete the Mail Box Set up on the default E71 Application?? Please Help

  45. There's a gmail app for E71s now, so if you have a decent data plan it'll be real time mail checking rather than automatic retrieval. Fiddiling with syncing can be a pain at times.

  46. Hey guys...did anyone get the solution for the "Mailbox idle for specified time" problem?? I am constantly getting this error. After saving the configuration settings, I changed my password...but it's still not working. Kindly help me out! (I am from Hyderabad, India...and have a Vodafone connection)

  47. Annonymous on April 10:

    you idiot! why the hell dont you read the post dated feb 21.

  48. The problem is that the connection remains active also if I set the connection interval to 30 minutes. Is there a way to avoid this using IMAP? (with POP3 there is no problem)

  49. I set up using the procedure said above, but it says incoming mail server not found .. Can someone please help ?
    I'd like to setup my gmail on my E71

    but wen i tried it on my sister's N85..it worked fine like a dream..PLS PLS PLS HELP


  50. Do I have to get unlimited plan if I set up gmail on my phone?

  51. I was able to download gmail but for some reasons could not send. Took my unit to Nokia and my cell network provider with no luck. Tried every setting recommended with no luck. Then I saw the comment above to try re-entering the password for both incoming and outgoing and now I can send and receive emails with no problem. thanks for the tip. I think the Nokia set may have a bug.


  52. dinesh
    Well Salman after a lot of trials I found a way to delete mail box in E71.
    Open the small mail icon (enevelope) on homescreen.
    Go straight to options button and press it.
    Select settings from the drop down menu.
    Select or highlight(do not open)the mailbox set up by you from the options.
    press options
    press delete and the mailbox gets deleted.

    Very tricky isn't it. I dont know why nokia made itsodifficult.


  53. I have similar problem using BSNL in India-
    IMAP is activated in my Gmail settings
    I setup the gmail account in my E71 - doublechecked the settings but still I get error "Incoming mail server not found. Check mailbox settings"
    If I check mymailbox using wap, it works ok

  54. how do u setup yahoo mail account?

  55. [re: how do you setup yahoo mail account?]

    Open Messaging app...

    Options->New mailbox

    Enter e-mail address, password and username...


    And you are done.

  56. I've successfully set up Yahoo! mailbox in Messaging app, but seem to be having problems connecting to the mailbox using WiFi. It will repeatedly ask for username and password. I do not experience the same problem when selecting GPRS access point.

    Any else experience this problem or have any ideas?

  57. I successfully created Yahoo! mailbox under Messaging app, but having issues connecting to mailbox using WiFi access point. It repeatedly asks for username/password. No problems when using GPRS connection.

    Anyone experience this, or have any ideas?

  58. I hae tried all tips here and yet I keep getting Incoming Server error while setting up Gmail in my E71. Also when I go back to the incoming connection setting the port from 993 changes to Default by itself inspite of changing it to 993 repeatedly

  59. Thirteenth Man:

    That's because port 993 is the default port for imap4 incoming server...
    Confirm that you have enabled the Imap connections on gmail settings. Regards

  60. Yes I have enabled the IMAP in gmail but to no avail :(

  61. Frank in Canada (Rogers Internet..)February 1, 2010 at 5:45 AM

    I have the same problem with setting up gmail I cant seem to set the IMAP4, SSL/TL5, set the Incoming server port to 993, every time I do it reverts back to "default" not showing me the 993 I entered then I get the time out when it tries to connect...please help thanks

  62. I have the same problem with my E71, not able to set g mail. Have tried changing the password, Codafone mobile connect is activated.. all settings are correct. Pleae help

  63. Why do all my google mails show on my 'personal screen'? (I have business emails on my 'home' screen but once opened they dissapear into my mail for exchange folder. Google emails go to the googlemail folder but still show on the 'personal' screen??????????

  64. Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone know how to delete emails from the E71? I've looked all over without success.

  65. you should learn how to masterbate :)

  66. delete them like normal msgs and when next time you will connect yourmail box they will disappear.

  67. hi everyone,
    i have a nokia E75 (same options as the E71. i try to connect my phone to gmail follow the steps, but it doesn't work :(.
    can someone help me please?

  68. Guys,
    I am repeatedly getting the error " incoming mail server not found". Heck!! REchecked and all settings look fine. I saw, few fellow members have got similar error.
    Could any one give me a work around? I use a Airtel live connection in Bangalore.


  69. Guys - I have E72 . My Gmail application doesnt work even on Vodafone Mobile Connect ?. Any troubleshooting ?

  70. I thought these setting's wouldn't work for an MTN subscriber in South Africa. Worked like a charm ! Thank you very much.

  71. I'm using Vodafone Live GPRS on E71. While setting up gmail it says "Unable to connect to server. Try again later". Could you please advice on this

  72. ""Anonymous
    August 11, 2008 6:11 PM
    i'm getting a "General: Feature Not Supported" message for outgoing mail for some reason

    any ideas?

    i can connect to my inbox no problem and retrieve just fine.""

    I have this problem sometimes, and it turns out that i happens when i change my password in Gmail, they ask for it when updating the mailbox on my E71, but for sending it doesn't so you have to go and change it manually in Messaging' > 'Options' > 'Settings' > 'E-mail' . Then you won't get that message, well at least i didn't :)

  73. Thank you for the information, this tutorial was really useful for me to gain knowledge of how to set up imap with the built-in messaging application. Many thanks


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