Free E71 Theme: Black & Blue Dotted Wallpaper

Theme master Taieb has created one of my favorite sets of themes for the Nokia E71 and S60 phones. Black & Blue dots brings you custom icons and a very clean look to your E71 smartphone.

The screenshots above were taken with a portrait screen phone but I assure you it works great with the E71's screen orientation.

Click here to download this free E71 theme.

* If you want there is also a few other colors available at his site.


  1. Man that suxx, always when trying 2 install a themes it don't work vie N.PC Suit, it'll error messages me on my E71 al the time,
    why damnit and I can't write the admin/ host of this page either!!! Why that, how am I suppose to get help here aswell answers 2 questions...I'M f'n pissed...I got a TV prog, load it up vie WLan, it'll fing my modem askes me 4 a PSK and everything I enter it doen't connect, why's that? What does it want from me...? Somebody answer me at please

  2. Wow. You need to sit back and have a beer. There are plenty of places to ask questions here, a giant HELP button at the top of this page.

    Did you read this yet...

    I sure hope so because it's linked in the right sidebar.

    As for your TV prog, go into more detail.

  3. Great Collection


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