Free E71 Themes: Black & Colors By Bandez

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The theme master Bandez is quickly becoming one of my favorite. He has a very unique icon pack which takes the default themes and enhances them. This theme "Black and Colors" comes in red, purple, green, pink, and recently added yellow. Right now my girlfriend is using the pink theme pictured above on the E71 and I assure you the green or yellow theme look great.


Click here to download this free E71 theme, make sure you grab the 3rd Edition version. For the yellow version you gotta search his homepage because it's a separate post.


  1. Hi i downloaded the theme and it looks great, BUT i have a problem. My music player no longer detects my music file (although I can still find them in my folders) - it says 0 files even after i tried refreshing time after time. Any idea waht's going on?

    TIA - Coco

  2. Hi,
    How do I install the theme to my phone? LOL I'm new with this, anyone help me please?

    Here is my email add

    Thanks a lot :D

  3. Oh I got it. Thanks very much :)

  4. Suhail: While im on call and if it gets disconnected, it give loud error beep, can we lower that sound or disable that

  5. I like them but why the same color font for the home menu items? Very difficult to see :(

  6. How do u install the themes I always get a certificate error

  7. ^go to
    installations>app manager>left softkey(options)>settings

    turn software installation to all

  8. do u guys know if there exist any good schedule management softwares or planners for e71? im kinda not feeling the built in camera :(

  9. does anyone here know what version of opera mini is needed for nokia e71 to have unlimited access to internet/web surfing/chat email etc. using the globe sim card?

  10. MENU.installations>app manager>left softkey(options)>settings

    guys, could you please help me?
    I don't find any 'installation' item in the menu. or i am such a fool and i don't know where to look o.o


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