Get A Gold Plated E71 For $873.95 - This Thing Looks Gorgeous

I just came across this website that is takes a device and strikes it with gold. They are offering this beautiful Nokia E71 struck with 24ct gold for $873.95. I would never pay this much for a phone but I'm sure there are a few that would. That's how much the E90 was going for when it first came out, without the gold.

Check out the picture below...


Lets say the price was on par with the other two colors and there was no real gold. Would you like seeing a Nokia E71 version with gold trim just like this? I personally would really love to see what it looks like in my hand.

If your willing to dish out the money or if you'd like to see the website just for laughs check out


  1. just get a gold plating kit and do it yourself :)

  2. this thing looks ugly. More an arab sheiks or bling bling lovers cup of tea

  3. Now why would I want a gold plated E71? That means people would look at me and try to shoot me, mugg me or cut my throat just because I have a nice phone.
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