Have A E71 & A Mac? Nokia Multimedia Transfer Tool, iSync, & Tethering

Are you a Mac user? Do you need to get your E71 and Mac working together perfectly? Check out some of these solutions which include multimedia, contacts and messaging, and tethering your E71 data connection with a Mac.

Transfer iTunes, iPhoto, Applications, Themes, & Games
I personally don't have a Mac so I don't have first hand experience with this but I got an email the other day from a reader (thanks Vic) about the Nokia Multimedia Transfer Tool. The lastest version (v1.3) supports the Nokia E71 allowing you to keep your Mac and smartphone in sync.

From the email,
I've been reading your blog after recently getting my own E71, and you're doing a great job. I don't know if you use a mac but I just downloaded the new updated version of Nokia Media Transfer v1.3 and it supports the E71. You have the possibility to sync your bookmarks with safari, add photo's to iphoto and even create your own play list in itunes. I think this is a giant step in the right direction for Nokia when it comes to integrating their products with Apple. Until now you had to use the Nokia pc suite if you wanted to get music onto a phone, or transfer the files through blue tooth. Both methods became tiring and tedious.

The Nokia Media Transfer suite could definitely change things for mac users out there as it's as smooth as it gets.

One thing to bear in mind, when transferring a heavy load of music or data is use a usb cable as it can take a hella long time through bluetooth.

Basically this tool allows you to transfer to and from iPhoto, iTunes, and add games and applications.

Click here to visit the Nokia Multimedia Transfer page where you can find instructions and videos.

Sync Your E71 Contacts And Calendar with iSync
From Nokia's iSync page,
Get organized with iSync. If you've got a compatible Nokia phone and a Mac, iSync helps you synchronize your data. Take the hassle out of managing data across devices by downloading changes and updating your phone or Mac when required.

Click here to visit the Nokia iSync page.

Tether Your E71's Data Connection To Your Mac
If you ever have your Macbook on the road and need a quick data connection you can tether the E71's data connection to your laptop. I do this once in awhile with my $15 unlimited data plan with AT&T and have never got in trouble. Just don't spend all day doing it and download huge files. I just use it for blogging or internet browsing. *Use at your own risk.

Click here to find thise instructions.

Are you a happy Mac & E71 owner?


  1. Thanks for the link. Just got my E71 the other day and love it. I didn't even know I needed this till you linked to it. Now I have transfered a Podcast from her. Nice. Great Blog.

  2. So this Multimedia Transfer Tool and the iSync are two different things. Do we need both of these apps, or just one? I'm only looking to transfer contacts and calendar and as fas as I know iSync works perfectly fine for that.

  3. i want to transfer e71 contacts to my mac book.. i cant using isync and this multimedia transfer tool !
    What do i do ???

  4. http://europe.nokia.com/A4299040

    download the isynch plugin from the side from the right panel. Once that is done calendars and contacts can be synched using isynch.

  5. how can i transfer my sms from e71 to my macbook ?

  6. Xavier from Brussels

    problems of Sync with E71. I downloaded the plugin in order to get the sync between mac and E71. Till now I'm only able to sync via USB cable. Bluetooth works only for copying/moving files from one device to the other. Any solution to sync the "entourage data (calendar, address book...) via bluetooth. Thank you very much.


  7. Saskia from Bamako

    This information has been a great help! I downloaded both applications yesterday and they work perfectly. Thanks a lot!

  8. do you know any program to use the E71 as a remote control via bluetooth?

  9. i also would like find an app to control my macbook as remote, there is wipresenter but it doesn't work and i still don't know how to solve it. Is there someone to help me?!

  10. The Firmware update from Nokia is impossible to perform unless you have a Windows XP or Vista operating system. Right?!

  11. how to manage ur sms in e71 through mac

  12. Salling Clicker is the program you need to use your phone as a remote control, should cost about $30, it's well worth it

  13. Same question as above. How to move sms messages from E71 to Mac?

  14. Hi there,,, you can use BluePhoneElite 2 from http://mirasoftware.com/BPE2/ to manage your e71 sms messages,,

    it works flawlessly,, enjoy,,

  15. Great resources here thanks. I've downloaded both iSync and the multimedia transfer but cannot get the multimedia transfer to work...when it feels like opening all it tells me is that there is a transfer error, even though I have started using it yet?

    Any ideas for getting this to work or free alternatives for use with my iMac (10.5.8)

  16. Awesome article. Just got a MBP and this helped loads - especially the data connection information!

  17. I cannot sync my mac with my E71. I do have i sync, but it says: Isync cannot connect with this device. please help!

  18. Just got a MAcBook pro. using E71. How do I configure them to my MBP to get it going?

  19. Soooooo frustrated ... want to download my contacts from my Jumbo Sim on my E71 to MacBook so I can upload to IPhone 4. All described above (ISync and Nokia Media Tranfer) do not work. ISync only wants to UPLOAD off the Mac to the phone. And anyway, I cannot see where "Contacts" might be hiding on the E71. Any ideas???

  20. This is a God sent feed - thanks for all your help! I was fr*** out when synch didnt work right away but your clear instructions helped a lot... God bless


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