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  1. Prosenjitz asks:

    please let us know actually how fast we can type on E71, I mean actual typing speed of number of words typed per minute.
    How much faster(or slower!) it will be compared to the typing speed on E61i and E51(with T9 on), (by same person, with not very large thumbs, of course :-)
    ii) Is the camera poorer/better than nokia N72? Please compare the camera of E71 with the camera of N72, for both photo and video shooting.
    Thanks a lot in advance!


  2. Hi Prosennjitz. Welcome to the blog. I can tell you that typing on the E71 is faster than the other two phones you mentioned. The buttons are much easier to press and the tactile feedback is perfect. As soon as I get a chance I'll do a typing speed test for you. Might have to wait a few days though.

    As far as the video and camera goes, I don't have any comparison pictures. All I can tell you is the Nokia E71 has a 3.2 mp camera while the N72 has a 2 mp camera. On paper the E71 wins.

  3. Hi Mike,

    it's so nice to see your prompt answer. Thank you so much. I am a subscriber to your blog.
    Regarding the picture quality of E71, though it's 3.2 MP with flash and auto-focus, in all most all the reviews it is being said that its camera and the photo quality is relatively poor, and pictures are grainy, and don't reflect true color.

    On the other hand, though it's only 2 MP, I consider the camera and picture & video quality of Nokia N72 is alright. So I requested you for a comparison between the camera quality of E71 and N72. Just a simple comparison of enlarged pictures and video in a computer with normal eye.

    Once again, thank you so much! :-)


  4. I'll keep my eyes open for some E71 comparison photos with the N72. Glad your a subscriber, your gonna enjoy this phone.

  5. Im considering to buy this e71 as an upgrade for my e61. I just want to know if the e71 keyboard is made from plastics or somekind of rubber?

  6. Hi kaiun. The keyboard is made of a soft rubber/plastic. it really feels nice actually.

    you can see more photos up close that I took over at Symbian-Addict.com

  7. Yo,

    My E71 is coming tomorrow and I want to stick some Flight of The Conchords on there to help pass the time. The files are DIVX at the moment I think, any tips for converting the files for the E71? thanks :)

  8. hey stone cold. you might want to check out this article by The Nokia Blog. He talks a little about video playback. you could try out divx player for s60. search google for it.

  9. Hi,

    I wanted to ask whether your unit has menu transitions as seen on several videos from the E71 presentations. i don't on mine and can't find any setting enabling them.



  10. Hi blesio, welcome to the blog. No the E71 I have doesn't have menu transitions anywhere. To be honest with you I haven't seen them in any E71 presentations. If you can show me a link that would be awesome.

  11. Here's a review from PCMag. They state that their review unit had Feature Pack 2 and menu transitions:


  12. I'm sorry to say Kimmo but that information is plain false. The Nokia E71 runs Feature Pack 1. The only phone currently available with Feature Pack 2 is the Nokia N78.

  13. does anyone have a problem of email being automatically deleted even if it was not marked for deletion? This happens when I mark a particular e-mail for deletion from phone and server and when I next connect to the server, ALL the email on my phone gets deleted! Is this a way of the phone trying to conserve memory space?! Mal

  14. Hi Kamal,
    To solve this problem, go to, email setting>incoming e-mail>user name, insert "recent:" before your user name.

  15. Depressed

    I have just bought an E71 with the main reason being that it had a front camera. however i have been toying around with it and have yet to find a way on accessing it.

    does it work at all?...can i take pictures with the front camera?(the back one is BRILLIANT btw)...and if so...how do i take them...

    please help Mike.

  16. Hi Kaiuen,
    Tried to insert "recent:" before my user name (no quote marks, just the colon sign I presume: recent:username@whatever.com). The server does not recognize it and didnt download my email! Thanks anyway. Wonder if anybody else has this problem

  17. Hi,

    I was wondering if AT&T Wireless will offer the E71 soon?

    Thank you,

  18. Hey guys, I was just wondering... sounds a bit lame, but when is this toy gonna be out in the US?? I have been waiting for it since the official release on June 16 in London! I have a N95, but recently I have used E62, and I liked it soo much more than the Nseries, so I want the e71... any info when it is gonna be out in US?


  19. Hi,

    I have the e71 but I couldn't find any update or patch nor any kind of information about the potential release of an update of the firmware.
    As a matter of fact, I'm having some troubles with windows live messenger, the bluetooth is not stable at all, etc...

    Do you know when I can get the factory install of the firmwire to get everything clean?

  20. "I'm sorry to say Kimmo but that information is plain false. The Nokia E71 runs Feature Pack 1. The only phone currently available with Feature Pack 2 is the Nokia N78."

    Yeah, I kinda thought so :) It's really strange that they comment about menu transitions as if they really had them.

  21. Hi Mike,

    here's the video you can clearly see the menu transitions, fade out/in ;)




  22. Hi

    I have been using the e71 for about two weeks now, it takes more than two hours to fully charge (with about half charge still there), is this normal?
    If it is abnormal, i could go back to nokia care for the battery problem.
    There was a problem with the charger which came with the pack, i am using a temporary replacement given by Nokia Care.

  23. Hi!
    Just found your site. If you could rate the GPS sensitivity from 1 to 10 on the E71 (10 being best), how would you rate it? For me whether I buy this thing or not hinges very much on the quality of lock-on of the GPS inside it. I am unsure if all that metal will block signals...

  24. @ Kamal. I have never seen that problem. Maybe it has to do with your email provider.

    @ Ric. As of right now there is no word that AT&T will pick up the E71.

    @ Hush. We're not sure when the NAM E71 will be available. It should be soon.

    @ Baggy. You can try and do a hard reset to give it factory settings. *#7370#
    Not sure when we will have a new update coming.

    @ Nimish... It does take a really long time to charge because the battery is so large. I'll test it out and see how long it takes me. Usually I charge mine at night so I don't pay attention.

    @ Anonymous. The GPS locks extremely fast. Using Google Maps I get a lock in about 8 seconds. It rarely loses the lock, sometimes in large buildings it will have a harder time.

    @ Blesio I watched the video and didn't see any transitions. What part are you talking about?

  25. Hilmar:

    Is it possible to have 1-2 mails from Mail for Exchange on the front page as in E61. It only pops up when new mail arrives but the list is gone after I read the mail.

  26. One thing more. Is there any way of copying videos and not have the show in the "Media" folder. I made a folder but everything I put on the E71 show in the "Media folder".

  27. Is there any way of copying videos and not have the show in the "Gallery" folder. I made a folder but everything I put on the E71 show in the "Gallery" folder.

    Massi = Hilmar :)

  28. When I receive an SMS message in my Nokia E71 with a html link inside the message, I am not able to click on it. Why? I can do that with N95

  29. RE: clicking links in texts.

    when you're reading texts press options and choose "Automatic Find On", this then highlights links and numbers in texts.

    hope taht helps! :)

  30. I'm mainly concerned with the WiFi capabilities of the E71.

    1. I intend to use the Wifi at home and on campus to get my emails without having to use expensive 3G connections. Is it possible to auto connect to a Wifi connection when found & update email?

    2. Is it possible to set specific apps to only be able to use Wifi connections? E.g. Browser & email can only connect through Wifi

    Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

    Chunkey Monkey

  31. I have a had the e71 for two weeks - amazing phone. Howver there is something i cannot seem to figure out - the scroll key keeps lighting up every 20 seconds even where there is no new email, no text or missed call. Is there a way to fix this - it gets kinda annoying at night with the light continuing to flash all the time. Thanks

  32. I have had the e71 for two days. After having installed(moved software from the e61i, the phone powers on - but startup fails. Is it possible to do a soft or hard reset from that point? If so - how do I do it?

    Grateful for any response.

  33. Hello

    Please can you tell me if the E71 would operate microsoft money (sync with my laptop etc), or if not is there another accounting type program that you would recommend?

    Many thanks


  34. Hi.
    I asked about GPS speed earlier. Was that unassisted GPS speed you were talking about, or network-based? Since I won't be using 3G for some time, I am particularly concerned about unassisted (ie. satellites only) GPS speeds. If you could clarify that, that would be great.

    Regards, John

  35. @ Massi... So you mean you want the last two emails shown even if they are already read? There should be a way I'll take a look.

    @ Hilmar... Maybe you should put the video in the "Others" folder to hide it.

    @ Anonymous... It sounds like this will be fixed with a firmware update. We should be able to view html emails.

    @ Chunky Monkey... I haven't found a setting for that, I don't think it's possible. If so, it would probably drain your battery.

    For your other question, yes you need to go into the applications settings and choose the access point that you want.

    @ aleem... check out this article for a good explanation of the light. hopefully that helps

    @ Stevie... I really don't know much about a program that will sync your money programs on your pc. Try searching google for "flying money manager for s60"

    @ John... That was with help from the network. I'll try it with Nokia Maps tomorrow without the network and see how fast it connects.

  36. Any chance/rumors that this will be available as a 3G version for Tmobile (AWS/WCDMA IV 1700/2100). Ever since the RM-407 seems to have changed to the Australian spectrum, I have not seen anything suggesting this will come to Tmobile? Anyone else here otherwise?

  37. I just got my e71 two days back...two big botherations....PC Suite cannot synchronise numbers and contacts, tho data transfer is ok. also the sms alert tone plays but there seems to be no visual reminder. Any ideas?

  38. Hi Mike,

    I was going through the tutorial within the phone and it says that if you type in name in the home screen the corresponding contact details will appear but I'm just not getting there.

    And also, I also have the same experience as Kamal of ALL emails being deleted when syncing with outlook. T_T

  39. Hi Mike,

    the transitions I'm talking about are fade in/out when you go to the menu, and when you change folders. You can clearly see that it fades, the screen isn't immediately switching when you go into the main menu for example, tha Standby screen fades out and the main menu fades in. I did see it on a video of the E66 also. Hope they will make it work in the next firmware relase and also some minor and major bug fixes ;)

  40. @ Chi Siang

    I've read that some Asian models of the E71 have missed out on this feature and that it may be included with the first update. My European version has this feature.

  41. @ T-Mobile question... No word right now if T-mobile will pick up the E71.

    @ Toddytapper... My contacts are syncing just fine with PC Suite. Make sure you are in PC Suite mode on your phone. You should have a message notification on your standby screen where you can see the first few words of the message.

    @ Chi. Mine does that out of the box. Wonder why your isn't. Do you have have the active standby screen enabled? Like Stone Cold said do you have an asian model?

    I still don't see why your emails are deleting. I'm using Gmail and not having that problem.

    @ Blesio. Maybe they will add this with another firmware update.

  42. Hi, what a great blog! Does anybody knows how to uninstall E71 themes from the phone or memory stick. Is there an uninstall application that can do this? cheers.

  43. Can the Nokia E71 record phone comversations?
    Thanks again, John

  44. HS

    Hi mike,
    i was wondering why my E71 can't seems to login in campus network, kept showing me hidden..

    I got no problems in shopping malls as well as home WLAN..

  45. @ Anonymous. Please leave your screen name so I can easily refer to you. To remove themes go into your Application Manager which I believe can be found under Installations. If not you can find it under Tools and Utilities. I have re-arrange my E71 so I don't remember where they were originally installed.

    @ John. Yes it can but you need 3rd party software. Try Ultimade Voice Recorder. If you don't want to buy an application you can get on a call and then open the application on your phone called Voice Recorder and start recording. This will record your call but it's a pain to launch while you are trying to have a conversation.

    @ Kelly... thats odd I've never had that problem. Make sure you refresh your list of WLAN connections. You can do that under tools or connections I believe. Let me know if you find a solution.

  46. Hi, Thnx for the replied. I managed to delete the themes stored in memory. How about the default Nokia themes? Where does it located in file manager? cheers

  47. @Prosennjitz: Wifey just upgraded from the N72 to the E71. all i could say is camera features of the E71 is better than the N72 overall.

  48. @ Stonecold

    Yeah, I bought the Asian version. Guess I will just have to wait till the update.

    @ Mike

    My Gmail works fine. But for my pop3 mail, the moment my E71 sync with Outlook, it took the emails with it. (FYI, my pop3 emails are not pushed by telco)

  49. question: according to the Nokia website,
    there are 3 versions of the E71 being manufactured, RM 346, RM 357, and RM 407. Do you know which version is distributed where? (Asia, America, Europe, etc.)
    Nokia says ou can find this info in your manual. Which version do you have? And where did you purchase it?

  50. scopestop

    I received my E71 a few days ago and I absolutely love the device except for one thing; the fingerprint magnet chrome back. (I can live with the chrome trim as I think this adds some class and quality to the device).

    Although this is purely a cosmetic issue, I also won't own a black colored car since they look gorgeous for about 2 minutes after you wash them; after that they look like crap.

    It is probably too early to hope for this, but do you happen to know if anyone has talked about coming out with a replacement back; maybe made in a rubberized coated plastic? It would make the device lighter, make holding and gripping much better and eliminate the 'black car' effect.

    Thanks for your time and consideration!

  51. hi...

    i want to know if there is a difference between the E71 North American/US version and the E71 European Version...

    like will there be features not available with the other...

    or there is a change or modification with the other...

    stuff like that...


  52. @ Simon. I don't know a way to delete the default themes.

    @ Allen. I am using a test unit right now. What you want to look for if you are in North America is e71-2.

    E71-1 RM-346 = GSM 850/900/1800/1900; WCDMA 900/2100
    E71-2 RM-357 = GSM 850/900/1800/1900; WCDMA 850/1900
    E71-3 RM-407 = GSM 850/900/1800/1900; WCDMA 850/2100

    To make that clear,

    E71-1 is for Europe/Asia
    E71-2 is for AT&T in the USA, and (Rogers?) in Canada
    E71-3 is for one of the Australian carriers

    @ Amsbestbuy. Welcome to the blog. Hope you keep reading all the time. As of right now I have not seen a plastic back cover and I agree it is a fingerprint magnet. I'll let you know when I see one.

    @ Anonymous... I haven't heard of any difference between the two versions other than the 3g bands. Make sure you get the right one. See my reply a few up from yours.

  53. if I am connected to the internet on my Vista OS PC, can I use that connection on the E71(by connecting the E71 to the computer by USB or perhaps BT)? In other words, can the E71 share the connection of the PC running Vista?

  54. hey mike, thx for your advice..

    another query here..

    how to i come abt to call using internet in my E71?
    internet call..

    any need to download software?

  55. @ Allen. I'm not sure if thats possible but I'll look into. Thats a great questions.

    @ Kelly
    look for Skype for S60. You might have some luck there. I'm going to look into this as well and see what I can come up with. I hardly use that feature.

  56. thx mike, i download tt from skype.. but i guess E71 version still nt out yet..


  57. Massi:
    Do you have to use the T button to autofocus or does it autofocus when the pad is pressed. And if so, hy is the T button used for focusing?

  58. Hi, do you have any idea how can I check the MAC address on my E71 phone?

  59. Nah, nevermind... The code to check your wifi MAC address is *#62209526#. Thanks anyway!

  60. I'm ready to get this phone but I have two questions:

    1. Can you take off the stand-by mode(where the application icons are on the main screen) on the E71? I have the 6682 and I'm able to take it off/on anytime so I was wondering if you could do the same with he E71.

    2. What applications will work with this phone? I'm using FExplorer and ActiveLock on my phone and would like to know if those apps would work with the E71?


  61. How do you configure the screen saver on this phone to show the clock when the screen saver comes on?
    Thanks in advance

  62. what do i need to do to be able to watch youtube videos on this phone? when i connect to youtube realplayer comes on and gives me an error!

  63. Hi, I accidentally defined an access point. How do i delete it and also i would like to delete other telco services which i dont use. Thanks

  64. How do u transfer data from e90 to e71? I tried data transfer and switch but it keeps on stopping and transfer is unsuccessful. Pls. help. Thank you.

  65. amsbestbuy

    I have been using the Radio feature on my E71 for local stations for a couple of days using the supplied headset. The audio quality seems very poor; not distorted, but no bass and a very undynamic overall sound.

    I don't typically use any device for portable music, but I have used PMP's previously for music. All of these devices had good fidelity where the E71 sort of sounds like a very low end no-brand walkman.

    Is this because it isn't really designed to be a media device or is it the headphones? I don't really have any sets with a 2.5mm plug to test this out.


  66. About Radio:

    I got a 2.5-3.5 transformer and am using my iPod headset. It is much better and the sound it better. You cannot use it to talk but for radio and MP3 it works perfectly.

  67. Hi Massi,

    Thanks....I guess I'll venture on toward Radio Shack and give this a try.

  68. For my previous post regarding the Access Point. I already got it sorted out. Thanx

  69. I have been trying to set up my email account and did it a few times with my new e71. I guess I have over did it now that it has about 5 gmail choices linking to the same email account. How do I delete those duplicates from the pick list?

  70. Hi;

    I have a question about e71. I was told by a noki fan that e71 has supports business card reader. it this true? I dont see it in my e71. Do u need an apps for business card reader? If so what apps?



  71. this really is a business phone if you want a camera get a cybershot...

  72. Hi,

    I live in the USA and travel to Asia quite a bit, I am currently with AT&T and use a pre-pay cell in Asia.

    Q. Which version should I buy in order to have all functions working whether in the USA or Aisa.



  73. Will Nokia E71 be compatible with Blackberry anytime in the near future ?

  74. Hi Rosliza,

    I can find an application named "Multiscanner" which is capable to do card reader and Text scanner as well. This program is preinstalled in my E71.

  75. @ Massi. You just taught me something new. I had no idea T is for autofocus, yes this is how it works on my E71.

    @ karlitas way... yes you can take off the active standby screen. you can actually have two modes. one with the active standby and one without if you'd like. for switching during busininess/play hours. I'm not sure if those apps will work but they should. I know Y-browser works just fine with mine.

    @ Alawode... I still haven't figured that out completely but I know if you hold down the center button when the phone is locked it will show you the time and notifications. I raelly like that as it saves battery life.

    @ jamie... do a google search for "mobitubia". it works on my e71 and plays all youtube videos. i'm going to do a post about it soon.

    @ Simon... go to menu > tools > settings > access points.

    @ anonymous about transfer... thats the only way. you can backup the data w/ pc suite on your computer if you'd like. other than that i'm not sure why it's not working.

    @ anonymous about multiple email accounts... menu > communication > messaging > options > settings > email. you should see them all there.

    @ Rosliza > Your right i'm not sure how to create my own bus.card but i know you can send one to from your contacts to another contact. so for right now a solution would be to make yourself as a contact then you can send it to whoever you want. open your contacts. open the one you want. push optons and scroll down to send business card. Update: like the commenter down below said look for "Multiscanner".

    @ Tia Alex, if you live in the USA i would get the e71-2. you will have at&t 3g here. then when you go to europe you can still use it but not with 3g.

    @ bb connect questions, i did an article on this. the answer is no - as of right now. you can search this blog to find the article.

    i hope i helped everyone.

  76. After switching from a BlackBerry Bold to the E71, I miss the spell check feature for email and SMS. Is there an application for Symbian that includes spell check?


  77. Mike,

    Thanks for getting back to me about which E71 to get. I travel to and from the USA and Asia (Hong kong and Manila). NOT between USA/Europe.

    Given the above... is the E71-2 model compatible 3G wise between USA and ASIA.

    Thanks again,


  78. Two questions:

    1) When the phone is on standby, pressing the center button shows a big clock - This used to work, but for some reason it doesn't anymore. Is there a setting to re-enable it?

    2) SMS predictive text dictionary. The E71 adds a lot of words into the dictionary - is there any way to edit or reset the dictionary?

  79. @ Alex

    The E71-2 model is optimized for:
    --Worldwide 2G (Quad-band EGSM)
    --USA 3G (Dual-band WCDMA/HSDPA)

    For more details about the operating frequencies of the E71 models see:

    If you are mostly traveling to China (Hong Kong) and the Philippines (Manila), you will need the 2100 MHz band for 3G service. However, you also need the 850/1900 MHz bands to get 3G service reliably in the USA.

    Taking these things into consideration, your best chance of getting 3G in all three countries will be the E71-3, which will cover 3G 850/2100... this model will have reduced 3G-capabilities in the USA, because you will get 3G where coverage is on the 850 band, but will NOT get 3G where coverage is on the 1900 band. However, you will have 3G everywhere it is available in Hong Kong and Manila (on the 2100 band).

    All models of the E71 still have access to voice and 2.5G data (EGSM) wherever coverage is available in all three countries.

  80. mdaoudi
    phone issues and the phone is 3 days old:
    - i have a dark spot on the LCD Top Left corner
    - the keys (end phone message key) are acting weird as if they are out of their thing.. you have to press really hard.

    anyone else with brand new devices having similar issues?

  81. Hey Mike,

    I just got my E71 yesterday and i loved it... just wondering how can i configure and connect my E71 over my university wireless network where it needs MAC Address / wireless card to be registered to university services. m able to connect to my home wireless though.


  82. Hi Mike,

    I just ordered this phone. I'm currently on AT&T and was wondering for the data plan, if the unlimited MediaNet package is sufficient for the E71. I've read that this is all I need for 3G Internet connectivity? If so, are there any settings that I need to adjust within the phone?

    Thanks, Great Blog BTW


  83. Hi Mike
    I am looking to upgrade my PDA (old palm650) to a E71. just wondering if E71 has the same features I am looking for. e.g I would like to load data/program onto E71, is that possible?
    And I have a mac so it makes PDA hunting a little difficult - any suggestions?
    Thanks :)

  84. Isaac,

    Just wanted to say "Thank You" for the very useful answer/explanation.

    Next question... where to buy the E71-3? Is amazon the best or only place to buy this? What colors are available for the -3 model?

    Thank you again,


  85. Hi there,

    I am thinking of buying a E71. Yet, as a user of Thunderbird instead of Outlook I might run in trouble when synchronizing the phone with mails, calender and contacts.

    Do you know a solution for this problem? If there is no way of synchronizing with Thunderbird I will have to go for a different phone and brand, right?



  86. How can you tell which model E71 you have?

    Thanks ,


  87. Hi,

    I'm trying to get Nimbuzz to work on my E71.
    I connect to Internet via my WIFI Router that has NAT turned on.

    Keep getting the message "Registration failed to Nimbuzz Call server"

    Any ideas?

    Richard (Malaysia)

  88. Dear Sir,
    I recently purchased E71. I installed Opera Mini 4.1 on it. One day suddenly my memory card was corrupted. I formatted it. Since then I am not able to install any Java application. Please guide me what to do?

  89. Hi, I got a small problem. I can't run Real PLayer using my home wifi connection. Using 3G is ok but when i try to use real player with home wifi connection, my router blocked the access. Can someone enlighten me on how to make my router allow the connection thru?

  90. I am interested in getting a E71-3 - so the 3G works in both Australia and the US. Does anyone know where they are sold? Online shops only seem to have the NAM or EURO versions?

  91. I have a question: whenever I install a new theme for S60 3rd version (specifically the great themes by Taieb), the calendar doesn't change. Instead it remains the default color and layout which is, in my opinion, very unattractive. Why does this happen? Why is the theme not applied to the calendar? Can I do something to fix this?

  92. HI, i tried setting up gmail in my e71. i think i did everything right.. but when i try to retrieve email it says PACKET DATA CONNECTION NOT AVAILABLE... what does that mean? Please help.


  93. Hi there.
    I tried setting up gmail in my e71 and i think i followed instructions. when i tried to connect and/or retrieve email display says "PACKET DATA CONNECTION NOT AVAILABLE".. What does that mean?

    Please do help. Thanks.

    Email Trouble

  94. Hi Mike,
    Great blog, and great details on the E71. I currently have a e61i, and considering upgrading. Quick question, I assume you ordered the "grey" version of the phone. The reason I ask is that in your pics your phone looks more black than all the pictures of the grey model I have seen, was just wondering if you put a new case on it or modified it in anyway. I love the look of your phone and if that is factory "grey" then I will DEFINITELY be ordering it.

    Thanks for your time.


  95. @ spell check question... please leave your username so i can refer back to you. to answer your question, no i haven't came across a way to do a spell check. if you turn on predictive text and get used to it this will be your solution.

    @ Kev. Not sure why it doesn't work anymore. It still works fine for me. I haven't found a way to edit or reset the dictionary either.

    @ mdaoudi... I would send back the phone. It's defective.

    @ sachin, I made a post about it did you see it?

    @ palm650 question. please leave your screen name. what do you mean a "data" program?

    @ Alex. Amazon.com is a great dealer. As of right now I think they only have grey. Good luck searching, i'm sure you will find some good ads here on this website.

    @ Coal... type this from the home screen *#0000#

    @ newmomexpress... Haven't tried Nimbuzz on the e71 so I can't say.

    @ memory card question... please leave a username. That sounds bad. Try to install the applications on your phone memory always. its better. you might want to try to do a hard reset. you can do a search here at the blog for the code.

    @ fishbone... have you punched in the password for your router?

    @ Tim... the calendar on the E71 is different than other phones, it's brand new. this may be the problem. maybe some theme makers will fix the problem in the future.

    @ Leslie... Go into the connection settings of the email applicaton and make sure you specify the right access point.

    @ Doug. That is the factory grey. It looks great doesn't it? It changes shades of gray with the chrome too. Are you buying from Amazon? If so please go from the links in the right column of this site to help support the blog. I get some extra change for referring you. Thanks!

  96. Hi Mike,

    first off, very good blog you have going on. seems like your the E71 master.

    I live in Toronto, Canada and just bought the E71 in grey steel. I just found out that there's a white version as well, and and now want the white version. My question for you is, are certain colours limitted to certain networks? because i have the E71 - 1 version and it works fine here. Does the E71 - 1 come in white as well? or is the white version for diferrent networks?

    also, i was confused with the barcode application. I read in the manual that its for reading HTML/contact information. but what type of barcodes am i scanning? because at first i thought it read store merchandise barcodes and gave you the price which i found very interesting. but i dont think its for that purpose. could you please expalin what and how i would use the barcode application?

    Thanks in advance,


  97. Hi Sarmen, welcome to the blog.

    To tell you the truth I haven't seen any E71 white versions for sell anywhere. I'll make a post when it becomes available. Let me know if you find it.

    About your barcode question. Nokia and a few other companies are trying to start a universal barcode system based online. Say your reading a website and you see contact info, a website link, phone number, etc. The plan is that there will be a barcode displayed next to the text. You can capture the barcode and the phone will read it and know what to do. It will open the site in the browser or add a contact. It really isn't implemented yet but it's possible to start using it if you own a website. It will also be used to install themes and applications.

    Here is the link...

  98. Hi Mike, Thanks for the reply.. okay this time it's another problem... I'm pretty positive i set-up everything according to the gmail site instructions.. I tried retrieving then it says that "incoming mail server not be found. check mailbox settings"..

    incoming mail server is already: imap.gmail.com
    mailbox type is already: IMAP4
    security port is already: SSL/TLS
    port is: 993

    what's weird is that the "port" goes back to "default" and "retrieval settings" goes back to "disabled" after i try to retrieve email.. i don't get it..


  99. Hi,

    I have downloaded a video clip on my E71 but it is able to only play partially - i only get to hear the sound but not view the video. My video clip is a RealMedia file and is 250MB in size.

    Can anyone advise if I need another type of player to view the video?


  100. Does anyone know where te E71-3 is for sale? Or how to get it?

  101. I'm having issues with automatic retrieval of gmail with my e71:( i have the auto retrieval set to every 15 minutes, but if make a call it disconnects and doesn't reconnect liked i read it would in several posts (not necessarily on this blog, but you know what I mean:).

    Any thoughts?

  102. how can you transfer all sms messages & its folders from memory card to phone memory? Thanks :)

  103. Hi Mike,

    The other day I posted a question regarding the synchronization of the E71 with Thunderbird. Yet, I was not able to find any comment on this particular issue.

    Can I assume that nobody so far has had problems in synchronizing the E-Series phones with Thunderbird?



  104. Hi mike,
    Sync of E71 to the MAC and most specifically Entourage (for email and contacts).... any idea what will be the best way?

  105. Hi Mike,

    I recently bought the nokia e71 and think it's a fantastic phone. The only problem I have is when receiving phone calls. The name of the person calling me doesn't appear on the screen even though their number is saved in my contacts. Could you please help me out as to why this is happening?


  106. Hello All.
    I have the new E71 and first impressions its very good. Lots of improvments over my E61
    I want to unlock it from the '3' network - take out the PAYG sim and out in my Contract Sim from T-Mobile,
    Naturally its locked to '3' - can someone provide some guidence to unlock this handset ?

  107. Hello. Mike.. I'm thinking of purchasing one. But my big question is will the GPS work without assistance from the cell network.

  108. Hi, i have had a e71-2 for a week now. I am having alot of trouble with downloading video from the internet then playing it on my phone. Real player only will play sound or the clip is very very slow. Is there any fix to this or is the phone just not good for this type of use. maybe i should get a N95 or N96? Also any good third party internet browsers, and have connection errors. Please Help, i dont want to have to turn in the phone and get a different one. thanks a bunch. i love the phone's looks and other features.

  109. Hi, I got my E71 today. When using high quality ear phones with a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter (no external microphone) I get very noisy audio. I own a E50 which also produced a noticeable amount of noise at the audio out, but my E71 - I hate to say it - adds a good amount of noise compared to the E50.

    Did you experience similar problems or is it just a broken unit?

    I plan to buy the Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Stereo Headset HBH-DS205 (to which you can plug ordinary headphones). Is someone using it with the E71?

    Kind regards

  110. Hi Mike,

    Do you know if there are any full body protection kits available for the E71? I am going to get an E71 NAM on friday and i would really like something other than a case to protect my new device. I emailed the people over at Invisible Shield/Zagg (since i had gotten a full body kit from them for my N82 and the kit is really nice, near invisible) and they sent back an email saying that they are looking into this device but they need a sample unit to create the kit. Essentially i would have to send the device to them which i do not feel too comfortable doing. Are there any alternatives you can think about? Dummy model perhaps?

  111. my bad for not posting a screen name about the full body kit


  112. Hi there, I have just discovered the e71 and I have one defining question that I can't find the answer to anywhere.

    I am looking to use VOIP with the phone. I have used fring on another phone and I don't want to use an external app. I have seen the e65 integrate voip, particularly over 3g, and it was really slick, including voip calls as part of the main dialing interface.

    I know not many people use these features, but I am wondering if the e71 supports full SIP usage like some of the other e phones.

    Thank you for any info.


  113. hi there....

    i find this blog relly impressive...i hav a query that ive installed a new theme,unfortunatly im not liking it...i want to delete it from my phone...HOW CAN I DO THAT???

  114. Hello,
    I just acquired an E71 and I found that the radio quality is really bad unless I hold the phone with my thumb and forefinger around the middle of the unit. Is this a problem because the case is all metal? Firmware issue?

    Another problem I had was that a letter will disappear from the display. When I first noticed it all the L's were missing (only from the interface and text messaging) it worked fine in the office software. I rebooted the phone and now its the zeros that are missing. Do I have a unit thats fubared or this is something odd with the Symbian OS?

    I have had symbian units before and they have never done this.

  115. First thing and please post this to your blog: Phone is available from buy.com for $399. By applying and being approved for their Visa Card, you get $30 off!! I just got it for $369!Not only that but the shipping is free!

    Ok, now my question is: whats the shortcut for mark files?
    On my E51 I used the pound key to mark the certain files for either deletion or transfer.

    I cant figure it out. I know that bluetooth shortcut is by holding the star button.

  116. Please help me with figuring out how to save downloaded videos from the internet that i play on core player mobile. I cant even find the video file unless i go into core mobile then search files. its stores some videos in C:/system/dmgr
    But i cant find that file anywhere else on the phone. Any thoughts?

  117. How do I add a shortcut to display an incoming text message (I know there is voice read function and that isn't what I want).


  118. hi
    Does anyone else notice that the header that says which application that is currently on the screen for example "text messages","quickoffice" and "personalization" that the last couple letters in the word are faded? Is this normal? It appears only to happen when the names are long. It just looks crappy. And also i have trouble installing mobitubia. It says certificate expired.



  119. Hello all... I replaced my memory card immediately after buying my E71... I have recently discovered that the memory card contained a software called ABBYY Business Card Reader... I am unable to find the same on Nokia's site... where can I get the same from and what other software were there on the memory card?

  120. Hi
    I did a hard reset as advised and I don't have the business card scanner anymore. Can someone suggest me how to get it restored?



  121. Baskar
    when i set my powersaver mode to none the screen saver plays animation and still when i press the down key i can see the large tine display. how can i disable the animation power saver option?

  122. Hi,
    This site is of immense help, great job!I am contemplating buying a E71. My purpose is mainly business use and e-mail is a obvious requirement. My question is this: I used to have BB connect on my SE P910i. Will the native email client on E71 do? If thats good enough, why do people look for options such as BB connect?

  123. You can set up your Sip connection via:
    tools->setting->connections->sip settings and enter your sip provider details.

    re the white e71, the Three shop in Farnborough, Hampshire, England (as in the air show) had both white and grey E71s in stock. I got a grey one (not too keen on those peppermint drop white keys), although.... all that polishing with a microfibre cloth!

    Anyway, I've just bought a shiny (apart from a few greasy paw marks) new E71, and am in the process of overcoming my culture shock (I've been completely WinMo 5/6 touchscreen for three years now). So, any ideas for apps to reduce my withdrawal symptoms (from my apps not the operating system, I hasten to add). I had Pocket Weather, SpB Informant (RSS/news feeds) GPS Monitor installed for starters. I have McGuider maps which is for S60 3rd Edition as well as WinMo (fills a 2GB MicroSD card), so I guess I have to limit myself to what fits on the device. Any pointers to replacements much appreciated.


  124. Oops. Seems that I should call myself something like "other Mike" to avoid confusion (to everyone here, if not my Mum and Dad!)

  125. oh and watch "the" gadget show episode online here:

  126. Help!
    I have just gotten my E71 but I have a problem. I have my email setup but I am unable to delete the emails. They just stay there eventhough I press delete???
    Any ideas?

  127. Quote "Help!
    I have just gotten my E71 but I have a problem. I have my email setup but I am unable to delete the emails. They just stay there eventhough I press delete???
    Any ideas?

    that just marks them for deletion. When you reconnect to your email server again, the emails should be removed

    "other Mike"qrknl

  128. Hi....I dowloaded a new theme on my E71 and after trying to select it I've got a "Theme corrupeted" message. Then I tried to use the themes that came with the phone and they are all corrupted..!!
    How can I make the original themes back to work...thanks...Jorge

  129. To give you more information, I uninstalled the theme that it cause the trouble and I am still getting the "Theme corrupted" message...Regards..Jorge

  130. Hi Mike, I turned the phone off and on and I got my themes bak..!! Also downloades the one recommended by you (GrayBlack by babi)...Thanks...JOrge

  131. Hi,

    I have a serious problem with my E71. The battery is full but I have only a blank screen... Everything works (I think), I can answer calls (the phone is ringing), I can switch the phone off and on - but the screen is blank.

    I got to this state from some kind of screen saver. The phone's keys was locked, and I tried to unlock them with the familiar two key stroke. Then it entered this blind mode.

    How can I get out of this strange mode?

  132. Hello...

    I tried doing several searches online for help on this, but I cannot seem to find anyone else with this problem.

    I just purchased a Nokia E71-1, Asia version phone because I didn't want to wait for the white one to come out in US version, PLUS, I have tmobile in Hawaii, so the 3g function is useless for me. Here is the problem I've encountered... the phone ONLY reads the sd memory card when my tmobile sim card is NOT inserted. This is very frustrating. When I don't have my sim card in the phone and am in offline mode, the memory card reads just fine... as soon as I put my sim card in, whether it's offline or online, the memory card doesn't read at all... I go to menu, tools, then memory, and it says "no memory card inserted." Has anyone ever heard of this problem? Do I have a defective phone? Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

  133. Hello everyone,

    I've bought this cell in US but I'm from Europe and I use to travel to my country and also Mexico.

    Actually I'm waiting to recieve my new Nokia E71 and when I bought it I didn't consider that it couldn't be compatible.

    Do you know if 3G will works in Mexico and Europe?

    Thank you

  134. im using the SEVEN email thingy, but somehow i just cant find a way to manually set up my hotmail account. Im avoiding the preinstalled hotmail directory because i understand that i'll have to pay to use the service. Am i right. Help me anyone... Thanks

  135. hey,

    i just got my e71 today - its a sweet machine, love it...

    well i got started with setting up gmail, but i found out that the emails are not going out. I mean whan I send an email - it only stays in the outbox. i have configured the email account using the google settings for symbian OS.

    please help!


  136. Giuseppe Malatino from Venezuela

    Hi I buy a Nokia E71, and only have 3 languages Usa,Melayu and Philipino, its possible install other language??? like Spanish, Where I can download a spanish firmware or language pack??? Im desesperate I dont find anything in google HELP!!

  137. Hi Mike,

    Just wondering if you have any reply to this querry yet? :)

    okay this time it's another problem... I'm pretty positive i set-up everything according to the gmail site instructions.. I tried retrieving then it says that "incoming mail server not be found. check mailbox settings"..

    incoming mail server is already: imap.gmail.com
    mailbox type is already: IMAP4
    security port is already: SSL/TLS
    port is: 993

    what's weird is that the "port" goes back to "default" and "retrieval settings" goes back to "disabled" after i try to retrieve email.. i don't get it..

    i consulted a friend and he said that with the set-up wizard (which is what i've been using) he never had to alter any settings but it works fine. i asked what the set-up was, and with regard to "port" he said both are "default" for incoming and outgoing e-mail settings..



  138. Love my E71, but 2 things, is there a way to stop the 'heart beat' of the notification light? I tried turning off the notification lights altogether to see if it would make a difference but it didn't help. Also, is there a way to get it to ask me which data service I want to use when I manually connect to my email. I can choose when I'm uploading which is great, but at home I use my home wireless, and in the office I use the office wireless so I'm having to change the settings themselves each time. Or am I being daft?



  139. Hi..

    Hoping you can help

    Had my E71 for a few days now and really loving it, much nicer than the N95 8GB I had before..

    Anyways, one of the first things I noticed on the home screen was those little bubble like messages at the bottom of the screen with notifications in them, like new email etc etc..

    Well after having been tweaking away getting things just so I seem to have somehow disabled them as they aren't appearing anymore.

    Do you know how I can get the little fellahs back ? Can't find it in the depths of the menus anywhere..

    Cheers !

  140. Hey,
    I want to protect my e71 in case of theft and found a couple of software that range from $12-20. Does anybody have any suggestions on softwares? Which one is better? Comment on one software if you're using too.
    They all seem to have have the same features, but one they dont have is GPS tracking. If there is one with that feature, I'll jump on it.
    I've found software from these developers: Killer Mobile's, SymbianGuru, Network Security Solution's, and Symbian Brains. Any idea on which developer is most stable,reliable and trusted.

  141. Hi,
    thanks for the excellent blog.
    I have a strange issue with my Noki E71-1. I only have it 2 weeks, I installed some apps on it (all signed or downloaded from Nokia.com).

    Now I noticed that the online application help (for example within calendar, contacts) does not work. If you select options > help simply nothing happens.

    Also if I go to the main menu and select Help > Help nothing happens. The help system / help application does not start.

    Anyone having similar issues?

    Nokia E71 German Language
    (E71-1 Software Version: 100.07.76 08-06-2008)

  142. My new E71 developed a case of "already in use" whenever I selected any function key and messaging key for no apparent reason. I did a hard reset to rectify the problem. I am now trying to set the messaging saving to the memory card (as it was set before the hard reset) but the phone refuses to be set that way so I have no access to the messages that were save there before the reset nor the ability to save to the memory card. I am trying to avoid having to reformat the memory card. Any tips as to how to rectify this problem?

  143. hi,
    sorry to double post. but does anyone know how to install mobitubia on the E71. when i tried to install it a message was displayed saying "expired certificated". Another thing is that i have the media max 200 from AT&T and the plan says unlimited data. How much "unlimited" do you really get? i have knocked down over half a gig mostly because of using youtube on the go and i would like to know what is AT&T's threshold for this sort of thing.



  144. i tried to add my gmail account as default email. although i can send email, my replies are forever stuck in the outbox. it's always queuing.

    how can i make it send email messages? i followed the instructions in gmail.

    Thanks, Mrs. G

  145. Is there a way for me to sync Google Calender to my E71?

    Mrs G

  146. Hi Mike,

    Great Blog. Hopefully we can have a forum of some sort so that we can share info and ask questions within it. I'll be getting the E71 in a few days and I would like to ask a (long) question :

    Coming from the Palm OS (Treo 680 specifically), they have a feature to display the last 8 applications that was used by holding down the home button (this is available in any app that is currently open). I find this very, very handy when jumping from one app to another. I was wondering if the E71 has a similar option for this or if there is any 3rd party application that mimics this feature. I know that the E71 has a application launcher on the home screen. But if I want to jump to another application without going through the home screen, is there any such feature or way to do it in the E71?

    This is not a deal breaker, but its something that is nice to have. Thanks.


  147. How do I remove the sound of the camera. There are times that I don't want people to know that I'm taking pictures.

    Mrs. G

  148. Sarm : you need to set your time back to 2007. Bring it back to 2008 after you install it..

  149. Jay C3: yes it is the same feature...just hold down Home button and it will display all the apps currently open.

  150. Leslie:
    For IMAP setting on your Gmail outgoing server you need to put port 587

  151. @ Leslie... your settings looks correct. have you got it working yet.

    @ Diana... do a search for CorePlayer for S60. I'm going to do an article about it soon.

    @ Jim... Are you using it in a 3g area? If so it shouldn't disconnect in the first place. If your on Edge the network has a hard time reconnecting it. If you just wait 15 minutes it will reconnect automatically.

    @ reyboph... Go into the message settings. You will find the option in there.

    @ Jim... I don't know anything about thunderbird. I'm sure if you did a google search you might be able to find your solution. The settings for the Nokia N95 should be the same. Try searching for N95 sync with Thunderbird. I'm sure you'll come up with something.

    @ yaron. No clue sorry I can't help.

    @ Doolz... The name should appear. Do you still have this problem. Try adding a "1" in front of the contact, or whatever the country code might be. Does it do this with all your contacts or only certain ones?

    @ Unlock question... I don't know how to do that.

    @ GPS question... Yes the GPS will work without assistance.

    @ imsober... Where are you trying to download from? Youtube? If so search for Mobitubia.

    @ Mike... are you still having the audio problem? It shouldn't be that bad.

    @ Full body kit... I haven't seen anything like that yet. I'll keep an eye out though.

    @ Dave... The E71 does support SIP without third parties. I'm just not sure how to use it.

    @ Theme question... go into the app. manager. You will find it there.

    @ brent... sounds like you have a faulty unit. You should take it back asap.

    @imsober... I'll look into this. It should have a downloads folder or something like that. Let me know if you find it.

    @ Anthony... It's under the Display settings, and even under mode settings.

    @ Sarm... I haven't noticed this. I covered your certificate problem on this blog. Do a search for it.

    @ diablo... not sure where you can find it.

    @ Nikhil... not sure where you can fint it.

    @ Dr. Baskar... Go into the settings and set power mode to "none".

    @ I think the email is great on the E71. Some people need BB Connect for corporations.

    @ Mike... I'm gonna try to show all the apps that i can hear. Good luck finding them. I will have an E71 store coming soon.

    @ Email question.. It will delete when the inbox next connects to the internet.

    @ Peter Nagy... take your phone back thats not normal.

    @ Cassy... sounds like you have a defective phone.

    @ 3g question... what version of the E71 do you have. I'm pretty sure no version works on both condinents with 3g.

    @ hotmail ? .... i have no experience with hotmail.

    @ Jeeten... Make sure your settings are one hundred percent correct.

    @ Guiseppe... I don't know how to find other language packs. You might have to change the product code. Do a search for "E71 product codes".

    @ Leslie... make sure under username you put ... username@gmail.com

    @ Gazberry... I haven't figured out how to turn it off altogether yet. Let me know if you do.

    @ Pete... Find them under the mode settings.

    @ Steven... I've been having that same problem with both the E71 and N82 lately. Not sure whats cauzing it.

    @ anonymous..not sure how to fix your problem with messages.

    @ anonymous... search this site for "certificate error" problem. unlimited means unlimitevd with AT&T i've been using it for years.

    @ Mrs. G... the app you need to sync Google Cal and the E71 is CalSync S60

    @ Jayc3... Search for an application called Handy taskman. It will be for sale in a few days here at the blog if you want to wait. I will be having a sale.

    @ Mrs G. you can't remove the camera sound on the E71-2. which version do you have.

    Thanks Denzan for helping out. Your a godsend.

  152. Massi: Is there any photo editor to edit (crop, resize) images for E-71. I am thinking about using for pics I import from my pro camera and want to send it from my great E71.


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