Is Nokia Cutting Ties With RIM's Blackberry Connect?


This is possibly the crappiest news Nokia E71 users and prospective buyers will ever hear. The website is reporting that Nokia & RIM's Blackberry brand have cut ties and won't be bring Blackberry Connect technology to the Nokia E71 and E66. In the article Mobile Today states,

Mobile can reveal that Nokia’s E71 and E66 phones will become the first Eseries devices that won’t house the popular BlackBerry Connect application, in a move designed to help Nokia reclaim its dominance of the business phone market.

I really see it the other way around. Blackberry Connect is one of the main selling points for their devices the fact that Nokia devices were compatible with this service made the Eseries a major player in the business phone market. Many corporations will not go any other route for their email service other than BB Connect.

So what are Nokia E71 fanatics left with? Well for one we have the Mail for Exchange application but I'm not so sure this will solve the needs of everyone. The other day I talked about the Seven beta application but I'm not so sure corporations will be so willing giving up their email accounts to another 3rd party service.

Nokia UK MD Simon Ainslie told Mobile Today...

RIM are a competitor and have done a reasonable job in a space that is traditionally ours, so it’s no great surprise that we see this as an opportunity to give consumers a proper choice on what email solution they want.

Our approach is to make email a mass-market proposition for everybody, not just for the corporate boardroom group of individuals where BlackBerry has established itself.

Nokia better have something else up their sleeve. I'm not so sure this is gonna fly with alot of long time Blackberry Connect users.

Whats your take on this?


  1. Nokia must be staffed by retarded apes. BlackBerry is the default standard for secure corporate email. The corporations that use it WILL NOT allow any other system to access their email servers. The result being that Nokia just alienated every single professional who works for for a corporation using BlackBerry. Are they really that stupid? It's very simple for many of us, no BB Connect, no purchase of a Nokia.

  2. I agree. I'm not sure how reliable that site is, the fact that they gave us quotes is why I posted it. We'll see in the next few days is that source was reliable.

  3. I purchased Nokia in the hope of connecting to my corporate network using BB Connect. At that time I was not aware of BB Connect though. But I read that E series can connect to Blackberry services. But all my hopes came down when I came to know about this big news about RIM and Nokia. Not sure about the validity of the news. But I would never accept that a consumer be affected due to the business/market competition reasons. I still hope that E71 would soon host BB Connect probably in a month or so. I say this because, many corporate including my company uses BES. They will not open Exchange push email to satisfy their mobile mail users. If I have to use mobile email(s) using active push, I need to buy a blackberry device. I am sure many other agree with me here. Where is the competition heading to? Let us wait and watch.

  4. Activesync is the way to go. All the Windows Mobile products support it, iPhone supports it, Nokia devices, etc. No need for extra servers...

  5. How is it posible to set up a push mail with E71 and Activesync and a Lotus Notes server?
    The Lotus Notes belongs to the company to whom I work for so I can not touch anything. In that case is it posible to syncronize?

  6. Yes, the crappiest decision by Nokia. I was waiting for ages for the new E71 (I use E61). When it's released and rumored (and now confirmed) that it will not support BBC, I was terribly dissapointed. No E71 for me, I will go to BB Bold instead. Bye bye Nokia.

  7. I now use BB connect with my e61i.BB Connect is big in my neck of the woods.I would like to buy the E71 but if I can't get BB Connect I am going have to buy the Blackberry Bold

  8. Also dissappointed no BB Connect. I think this is Nokia's alternative....

  9. ^ yes it looks like that will be Nokia's solution, although it's not yet reliable.

    They better really get the ball moving on that application if they want to prosper in the corporate world.

  10. I have had an E71 for a couple of weeks now, its great, I love it more and more each day... as with any new phone it takes some getting used to... i dont much care for the way they have used the main screen, seems they have waisted space... i now use an aplication called seven - you must try it... works great on my gmail and very good on my coprotate mail... get it from your mobile browser here
    good luck...

  11. yeah i made a post on that. it does work great. i'm going to do an update post with a few tips and tricks for seven.

  12. Well, their solution Intellisync is even better than BES and it is reliable and richer in features. RIM had been limiting BBC funcitonallity to differetiate their devices from others, while Nokia through Intellisync offer is a great deal for a corporate customer great experience on Nokia devices as well as others. Their Device Management is powerful.

  13. We were running limited trials of the E61i + BB Enterprise in our office waiting for the E71 to come out. We're currently running BES. The E-series has alot of the functionality we needed but given this decision, we are now forced to re-think our strategy - instead, we'll likely be deploying BB Bolds. One customer, 1,000 phones sold by RIM instead of Nokia.

  14. scornedz
    is there anyway we can configure gmail on the mail for exchange. I have tried doing it... but unfortunately there are 2 details where i am stuck ie exchange server and domain name.. i am using the application but i think the mail for exchange application would be much better, and if nokia wants to go ahead of blackberry... they need to get gmail on mail for exchange as blackberry supports it.

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