WOW! Nokia E71 As Thin As A Pack Of Gum

Over at the other day I showed another example of just how thin the Nokia E71 really is.

Just check out this picture below...

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Click here to see even more pictures of the E71 side by side with a pack of gum.

Have you picked up the E71 yet? I'm kind of curious to see how many of my readers already have this phone. If so what do you think about the size of the Nokia E71? Are you happy with it or would you have anything changed if you could?


  1. Hi,

    I have az E71 since last week. Good materials, good size. I leave this comment with it :-)

    I changed my e61i, and the that one seems a very old and huge comparing e71.

    Faster, nicer, the gps receiver already works inside my house, maps2.0 is fantastic.
    The keyboard is almost the same, there are some mistyping, but i like it.

    Only lowlight, operamini has larger font size on e71, i dont know why, so less information can be displayed.

    Unfortunately, the usb driver does not work perfectly with my pc. All pc suite function work but internet connection (as modem).

    I like the built-in gps with sportstracker. I take this phone to my bike trainings, and it easily fit my pocket.


  2. One more lowlight, the ctrl-c key combination is almost impossible to use....

  3. Yes your right steve that positioning of the ctrl-c is horrible.

  4. Sometimes my e71 does not see the memory card. Does this problem belong to the device or the sd card?
    What do U think?

  5. Hi Steve. Sounds like you have a problem with the sd card. Are you using the one that came with your phone?

  6. I have my E71 since two days now. I came from a N82 with 25 softwares installed. I´m really happy with this new device. The qwerty and built quality is awesome! This is a pretty nice peace of tech. No flaws till now. Let´s wait, I´ll notice anithing I could find.

  7. Hi Mike,

    I am using the previuos 1GB card from the previous e61i. I am always changing the memory cards, I'll try with an another one.

  8. @ Maulim. Welcome to the blog. Glad your enjoying your new device. Let us know if you have any issues.

    @ Steve. Time to upgrade the memory card. Check out the link I have in the right column.

  9. Hi Mike! Glad to have stumbled on your blog.

    Am from UK, I ordered my E71 from USA!!!

    First impression was what a sleek and immaculate device. ‘Mean machine’ my gf uttered...

    The phone is great to hold, has nice balance, and is really good looking. The material Nokia used are not cheap and surely adds value to the make up of the E71.

    The interfaces are great. I love it; it has the best of both worlds... A perfect companion to execute tasks

    I had some issues where when pressing the Menu function, it freeze! It was kind of annoying but then I did a 'Hard Reset' as suggested on your blog. So far, the device has not failed! Will give it a few days of heavy testing…

    I also downloaded some themes from Taibe! They are really nice, better than the Nokia themes for sure!

    General feel about the phone is, it's a great business phone to have, and it’s fast and highly capable to handle tasks.


  10. Hi! I have my E71 since Friday and is one of the best phones I think! My previous phone was the N95, but I'm feel very satisfied of this e71! The only problem is that I havent the spanish language, and I think until a new firmware will be released I cant do anything, is it true?
    Now I'm trying to know how is the battery life...Do you recommend some tricks for it??

  11. Hi - ive had my e71 for 2 weeks now and its been great however today i noticed that the clock is freezing but then adjusts itself to the correct time when i press a button. Any ideas if this is a fault that can be easily rectified?

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