Deal Alert: Nokia E71 NAM @ For $432

Just letting all you peeps know that has finally dropped their price on the Nokia E71 North American version (aka e71-2). It popped up on Amazon a few weeks og for over $500, but now you can pick it up for only $432. Not a bad price for such a feature rich phone.

Click Here to see the deal.

Also don't forget if you need more memory you can check out the E71 Fanatics Amazon Store where you can find some great deals. The 8gb microsd cards are going for under $30. There you will also see some accessories for the E71 like cases, holders, etc.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Stay tuned for more E71 articles this week.


  1. I suspect the price will drop quickly unless Nokia gets a BlackBerry solution for this otherwise very compelling phone.

  2. I just bought mine on ebay for $411.90 with shipping :D

    The seller has more for sale at that price (|39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3911.c0.m14&timeout=1218570000806)

  3. Has anyone seen the "deal" at Supposedly through several maneuvers you can score one for $140 with a contract via AT&T. Does anyone have any history with this company?


  4. Yes, I got the Nokia E71 US version from them with T-mobile service plan, but need to add the data plan is only $134.99 after their activation process, here is where you can find them (


  5. John did everything going according to plan? Did you get your $240 credit back after sending in the other phone?

  6. Oh, yes, I got my $240 from them, they credit it to my paypal account once they received my trade in phone. It takes only 3 days to complete the whole process, it is pretty good experiece for me this time, good luck John


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