E71 Free Theme: Dark Red By Taieb

This theme is by Taieb and called Dark Red. It comes with custom icons and looks great against the color of the E71. Dark Red has an extremely clean look to it.

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The fonts won't come out like that though on your phone. I'm sure there is a way to hack the E71 and change up the fonts but I haven't figured it out yet. Has anyone else figured out how to change the fonts on the Nokia E71?

Click here to download this theme for your E71.

Have any of you found any theme makers besides Taieb that your coming to like?


  1. I hate rapidshare, the damn thing never works for me.

  2. sorry indian stallion, i fixed the link. you will now be taken to the developers page.

  3. my fave theme geniuses:


  4. it doesn't work on my E71

  5. No better theme maker than pizero. Tons of great themes.



  6. Man that suxx, always when trying 2 install a themes it don't work vie N.PC Suit, it'll error messages me on my E71 al the time,
    why damnit and I can't write the admin/ host of this page either!!! Why that, how am I suppose to get help here aswell answers 2 questions...I'M f'n pissed...I got a TV prog, load it up vie WLan, it'll fing my modem askes me 4 a PSK and everything I enter it doen't connect, why's that? What does it want from me...? Somebody answer me at ash79@gmx.net please

  7. hello ilove my E71!...But I can not find a medical dictionary that fits E71..can you help me please.you can send me a msg at my YM account: beaharl88@yahoo.com.Thanks


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