E71 & Mode Settings - Setting Up Work & Play. How Is Yours Set Up?

One of my favorite features of the Nokia E71 is the new Mode Settings. Every single S60 phone should come with this functionality, but obviously Nokia is using this as an exclusive selling point to buy the E71 or E66.

I'm sure many of you have already figured these settings out, if not check out this video.

Sorry for the crappy video I'm still getting used to that application. But you get the point right?

Pretty much you can have two variations of a homescreen and theme which can be switched with one click. I have one for Work and another for Play. When I'm at work I have my work email inbox shown on my homescreen along with calendar entries, Wlan scanning, to-do's, etc. In the active standby apps row I like to have Active Notes, Multiscanner, Quickoffice, Google Maps, & Conversation.

With one click I can easily switch to my "Play" mode when I get off work. This includes the Music Player, Sports Tracker, Shozu, Slick Instant Messanger, & Conversation. Below the active standby shortcut applications I have Wlan scanning, my personal email, and Music Player enabled. My theme is also changed to a more personalized theme. Right now I have a LA Kings hockey team theme as my "Play" theme.

Have you set up your E71's modes? If so what apps/shortcuts do you use to make your daily life more efficient?

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