E71 Shortcuts To Copy/Paste, Mark Items, etc - All You Need Here!

With all the keys that the Nokia E71 has, there has to be a ton of little shortcuts right? You know, copy/paste, lock, highlight, etc. Knowing all these little E71 shortcuts can be extremely handy you will find.

To Mark A Single Item On The E71:

Shift + center d-pad

To Mark Multiple Items On The E71:

Shift + d-pad down/up

To Copy & Paste On The E71:

Ctrl+C (but you need to hold down Func+Chr+C to get this on the keyboard). You can highlight text (in edit situations) by holidng the shift key and moving the direction pad. Copy will appear as on of the softkey labels. (thanks to this post)

Bluetooth Shortcut On The E71 (not on all product codes):

Press and Hold * key.

Switch Between Silent & General Profile On The E71 (not on all product codes):

Press and Hold # key.

Shortcut To Launch Browser From Standby Screen On E71:

Press and Hold 0 (zero)

Bring Open List Of Open Applications On The E71:

Hold down Menu/Home key.

Thats all I can think of for now. They should all work correctly like they do for me. Let me know if you can't get some of the functions working. I jotted these down quick so I might have made some typos.

If you guys have any others I would love to know some!


  1. you're a life saver, thanks. espically the view list of open apps shortcut, i was wondering how you did that for ages!

    please if anyone knows any others, post a comment.

    1. press backspace to kill the app that is highlighted. Like an app that is hung. Just learned that one by accident.

  2. y in Browser to go back

  3. the mark a single item trick does not work for me. i have the NA version. no problems with the others.

    note that when you highlight anything (even a blank space) "paste" appears as the right soft key (if you continue to hold down the highlight) and you can use that key to paste anything you have copied previously.

  4. ctrl + c works better when you don't try to hold down 3 key simultaneously. Instead press function key release it, then press ctrl key, release and then press c. One after another.

  5. Dude, you rock. The bluetooth and profile change is a lifesaver.

    Steve, last100.com

  6. Hi all, I have two languages in my phone, so I would like to switch between two of them on keyboard.

  7. ctrl + v for paste

  8. Help! I would like to copy a diary entry and paste it to another day. Any suggestions? I can copy and paste in office but not in calender.

  9. In the browser '1' gets the bookmarks and '9' gives the option to enter a web address

  10. Save Page shortcut?

    Is there a shortcut to save pages from Nokia web browser?

    I like to visit sites and save pages for offline reading.

    But u have to dig thru Tools and scroll down to Save Page command. Tedious after a while.

  11. I haven't seen a shortcut that your talking about like that.

  12. quick switch between available input languages: Fn + Space or Shift + Chr

    in the default browser (don't forget to press Fn to enter numbers):
    0 - home page
    1 - bookmarks
    2 - find text
    3 - previous page
    8 - page overview
    9 - enter web address
    * - increase zoom
    # - decrease zoom

  13. Illbirz

    When i hold the # button my phone doenst change profile, but rather it just keeps typing the # sign. Does any1 know why?

  14. Hi everyone!
    I've noticed two curiosities on my phone, shortcuts which I don't know how to make use of:

    In home screen, entering a number followed by a sharp sign, instantly replaces that input with a telephone number. For example, entering "121#" replaces it with "555-3234234"..
    I've come to understand that this is phone numbers stored in SIM-card "positions", so this number 555- is stored at SIM-position 121.

    I guess it could be a practical shortcut back in the 90's, but now, with the nokia, you're not remembering sim-card positions anymore, you remember names.

  15. Press Function twice to keep the function key on all the time. Then, control-c to copy and control-v to paste.

    After that, you can release the function key. I think this easy. You dont have to press 3 keys in sequence and you dont have to hold 3 keys at one time.

  16. Better hold Shift and then press softkey for bilingual users. Cntrl+c nor Cntrl+v doesn't work with non eng layout.

  17. Hi all,
    Is there any way to copy text when not in Edit mode?
    Like when you open a text/sms message or email and would like to copy part of it while reading the message?


  18. Is there any way to copy text from a webpage using the default web browser on the Nokia E71?


  19. These shortcuts (besides copy and paste writing a sms don't realy work, hitting ctrl+c or v will just replace the highlighted text with a c or a v) are lifesaveres 4 real, plus a lot of help thanx 2 the admin of this site THANX once more u kick ass man .:. greetings from ash79@....

  20. how do people find viewing details in 'contacts?' anything longer than 10 or so characters (such as an address with a street number and house number) does not appear for me. nor do the notes.

  21. Any better keylock combos?

  22. In Textmode (SMS, Calendar ect.) whereever press:

    function + Space

    to change languagesettings, autocorrect etc.

  23. hi guyz. Do you happen to know a shortcut that gives the semicolon ( ; ) ? i need it when i am sending to many names in the to field (i used to have it on my old E61...)

    Any idea whats the shortcut to get underscore ? ( _ ) ?



  24. Thanks for the helpful hints. Too bad my # doesn't enable silent mode. Does everything else though.

    Oh and hold the Left softkey for a few seconds, this will read messages on the home screen if you haven't already opened them.

  25. yeah, wheres the underscore?

  26. Just wondering…

    Is there any way of copying a phone number from a QuickOffice document, and pasting it into the phone dialler thingy?

    I can copy and paste into a note or wherever no problem, but it would be REALLY handy to do it into the phone. In my work, I have a lot of docs with phone numbers in them, and it would be great to do this.

    As it is, I have to stop the car, write the number down, (Yair I know… the old memory isn’t too god these days) then punch it in to dial it.

    When I try to copy/paste, it just enters a “V”, rather than the number I have copied.

    Any ideas?



  27. Istvan from Budapest:

    holding the left soft key will read out the unread sms messages in English...but some of us as me receives just "memory full error" which may be caused by certain third party appz!

  28. Press the Ctrl button to access a table of symbols. The _ char can be found there.

  29. To address a message to many people, just press return at the end of each name (i.e. new line). This is one of my favorite functions on the E series phones.

    Does anyone know if there is a keyboard shortcut for "tab". It used to be function-space on my e61 I think...

  30. how do i save a attachment from my outlook mail? There is no right click and long press of centre key didnt help me saving the file

  31. If i press a number and # in the home screen i get a seemingly random phonenumber from my contact list. Could this be edited?

  32. ^^ Usually on phones with sim cards, that combo provides your sim contacts. notice that (at least on the ones i've done it with) those numbers are in alphabetical order ..

  33. these are great tips... the silent and bluetooth are amazing... i don't need the BTooth in my Apps on the Main Screen...


  34. a couple people have asked already, but i didnt see any answers. Is there a way to copy text from a webpage?

    I want to subscribe to some podcasts, would be very useful to copy the xml url and paste it into the podcast app. Manually writing in urls is a major pain for me.

  35. Hi all, i'm a new owner of my e71, and just wondering is there an easier way to do smilies in texting, or an application that can be downloaded to put them on the phone??

  36. this phone ROCKS, E71 is the best device EVER!!

  37. Inside task manager (long hold home key) backspace will try to kill the selected app.

  38. A long press on the 0 (zero) key opens the default browser.

  39. Top lock the keypad: Power Button shot press, short press, long press.

  40. And what about copy and pasting calendar entries, it's possible?

  41. did anyone mention Shift+Chr to change input language?

  42. Fn+Ctrl then Shift = Predictive text on/off

  43. Hi Buddies,
    E71 has the perfection amoung Nokia series.. Hurrrrrrrrah........


  44. when viewing pictures, if you tab function key twice, it lets you do all the shortcuts previous Nokia phones had. 5 to zoom, 1 to rotate left, 3 to rotate right, zero to zoom out, and star to switch between full and normal screen. :)

  45. Hi guys

    Does any one know how to save a number to contacts from a message received? when i do it the number is in my contacts but if that person sms's me it wont com up with the name just the number and i have to go through my contact trying to match the number to a name.

  46. Great site, thanks for all posts!
    On danish keyboard layout (could apply for all non english keyboard layouts?) copy+paste is available as softkeys when pressing and holding the shift key.

  47. How to enter underscore with E71 in Opera MObile browser


  48. some one please tell how can I transfer my contact numbers from my sim-c into E71.

  49. Do you know a shortcut for locking the phone? not the key pad but to lock the whole phone...

    thank you!

  50. please how do i insert an underscore sign when browsing on my e71.

  51. I used to be able to just type on the key pad of E71 to search for contacts, without going into the address book first. But recently, when I typed into the key pad, it does not show me the contacts. I must have unknowingly turned off some function. Does anyone know how I can get this function back? Thanks.

  52. great shortcuts.thks

  53. Does anyone know how to change the keyboard layout? I changed my physical keyboard....

  54. How do I Paste Phone number ???

    Hello everyone,

    I tend to save phone number in calendar entries and notes for one off use, I can copy them but when I try to paste on home screen, it does not work. Any ideas?

    Having to memorise it and then entering them to dial is hectic.


  55. Hello Everyone,
    Is there a way to set a profile that only allows the use of SMS,WIFI but not the voice calls

  56. Hi, I can't copy from a website so that I can paste on quick office. Is it possible? Totally appreciate....

  57. To lock the phone (without using the power on/off button), press the top left button, then the function key (bottom left).

    Copying numbers from calender and notes to paste onto homescreen for dialing is unecessary. When you enter a number in the calender entry (let's say under meeting), if you open the calender entry again the number will be in blue and underlined. You can press right on the navigation button to view options such as voice call, send text etc. Or if you just want to call, select the number and press the green call button.

    I use active notes a lot, and if you have inserted numbers in there, again, scroll to that number, and it will be underlined. Press your navigation button to view options for that number, or again press the green call button to call directly.

  58. Some of shortcut on desktop are applicable on E71
    ctrl+c : copy
    ctrl+v : paste
    ctrl+a : select all
    ctrl+u : underline
    ctrl+b : boldface
    ctrl+i : italic
    ctrl+s : save (office mobile)

  59. I find the most frequent question upto this day is can I copy from phome and memory card and paste on a web page like the Facebook wall, and can I do it the other way round too?

    I found it hard but adding a little more effort eventually pays off.
    open the file and send it by email to your own address.
    Now leave your mail box and go to your email box on the web. Find the message you just sent to yourself, retrieve it, copy it and go to the desired web page and paste it on, you can first attempt forwarding it to make it editable then copy and save.

    Now it depends on the browser you are using, the UCBROWSER has a "send by sms" option under the main option SHARE and Opera sends by email but the end results are the same.
    Just select the desired text, mark, copy and send it to your own mail box if it is an email.
    As for sms option, there is no need to actually send it. Just attempt to send it and copy it from the Create Message box.

    Now go to your inbox and retrieve the particular email. Hit the Forwarding option and copy the message from there and paste it in the Active Notes Folder.

    You are done.


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