E71 Tip: Turn Off Breathing Light, Get Your Old S60 Clock Back

I just came across this tip while reading over at my hangout aka Howard Forums. Many people who know S60 and Nokia phones have missed the old clock that used to show up as the screensaver. Sure we know you can push the center d-pad button and see the time but some still want the clock always on.

How To Do This?

In a specific Profile, you can turn off your breathing light. After you do that, the clock above will show whenever the E71 goes into screensaver mode.

It sucks that you can't use this AND the breathing light. But some people find the E71 breathing light useless.

Let me know if you get this working. Do any of you have any clock solutions that include the breathing light?

Thanks again to ynotbike from Hofo for the tip.

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