RF Issues & The E71-2... Are You Having Similar Problems?

I came across this article today about the Nokia E71 NAM and people having RF issues. Calls dropping and zero bars in normally strong RF areas seem to be a problem for some E71-2 users. Like the author of that article, I haven't seen any of these problems. In fact I've noticed the E71 gets slightly more bars than my N82 in bad signal areas.

Gwapz linked to a few threads where you can find people complaining of this problem. In one poll it seems that only 54% of the 123 voters are happy with their RF. That's not a good number.

Gwapz says,
I could go to places where I had the N95 and not have signal, and now using the E71 and have full strength signal, It is really weird, and I am so loving this phone..

Something tells me that there were bad batches and some good ones.

I'm going to have to agree. Personally if I did have this problem the phone would already be on it's way back to Nokia. They are known for having the best signal strength and these problems are not acceptable.

Click here to read the full article at Mobile World Innovation.

Have any of you noticed a problem with the signal strength of your Nokia E71?

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