Switching To E71 From Other Nokia? Use The Switch Application

If your a new E71 user coming from a Nokia N95, N82, or any other Nokia S60 phone you can easily retrieve your Contacts, Bookmarks, Calendar Entries, Messages, Recent Calls, Notes, and much more over bluetooth. The application called Phone Switch is already installed on your E71 and makes this task painless.

You can also use this application to sync to Nokia devices if your constantly switching back and forth. Whenever I want to take my N82 out on the weekends I simply fire up Phone Switch and get everything in sync between both phones.

Here is the list of what Switch can sync...

Calendar Entries
Recent Calls
Sound Clips
Video Clips
Active Notes

Tip: If you have an S40 phone this application should work for sending Contacts, Calendar Entries, and Notes, as noted by Rita from Symbian-Guru.com.

For more details and screenshots of Phone Switch check out this article by The Symbian Blog.

Need To Transfer More Than Just The Basics?
And if you need to transfer everything else from your old Nokia to your new E71, then check out "The Ultimate Guide To Switching Devices" article - also created by Rity from Symbian-Guru. It may get a little tricky but if you really need to do this then that guide is for you. Click here to give it a shot.


  1. upgraded from e61. bookmarks didn't get synced.

  2. Make sure on the E71 you choose to Recieve from the E51. Give it another shot if you can.

  3. Does anyone know how to transfer all my contacts from my Orange E650 Windows phone (which uses an Outlook-style address book) to my new Nokia E71? Thanks, Ian B

  4. Does anyone know if you can sync notes or active notes from the E71 to a Mac?

  5. If my older phone does not have the switch application but my E71 has it, is it enough? Or does switch have to be present on both phones?

  6. ive got an n95 and i want to sync it with my new e71.. how do i do that please?

  7. Can I download Switch so I can use it on my E71x. It doesn't come with Switch.

  8. Switch is a great application but has 2 major drawbacks that I know of and these have been present for a while:
    a) All information about groups of contacts is not transferrered. For example I have a group called resturants, how can I find the resturant if I dont know the name now?
    b) If you have edited the label in any contact in your old phone, that label is not transferred. For example in banks I make a field called account number. Aaaagh! On the new phone theer is no account number for that bank!!


  9. I can only transfer half of my contacts from my Nokia 6300. Says the bluetooth has been disconnected.

  10. how can i transfer my messages from nokia n70 to nokia c6? Its urgent. :(


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