E71 Freeware: JoikuSpot Light - Turn Your E71 Into A WLAN Hotspot

Have you ever been away from home and wished that your PSP, iPod Touch, or Laptop had a internet connection but couldn't find a WLAN hotspot nearby? Why not tap into your Nokia E71's high speed 3g connection? Meed JoikuSpot Light.

Nokia Conversations recently covered this creative and useful application. Here's what they said..
Despite the broadening reach of the Wi-Fi cloud across cities, there remain large holes that need plugging, urban as well as rural. So with 3G and faster HSDPA networks plugging many of those holes, JoikuSoft lets us and our friends tap into this by transforming your 3G signal into a secure Wi-Fi hotspot.

Mark Guim from The Nokia Blog has posted a great demo video of JoikuSpot working on Nokia N95 8gb. He shows off how his Mac computer is using the N95's 3g connection and sees it as a Wlan connection. Check out the video...

The video below is of Jouni Salmi, Founder and Partner at JoikuSoft. He talks about the capabilities of JoikuSoft and shows off his product.

Click here to learn more and download JoikuSpot Light for your Nokia E71.

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