E71 & Nokia Email Service: Nokia's Solution To Our Email Woes?

I know I may be a little late on this, but in case you haven't heard Nokia is currently working on a new application that is supposed to be their ultimate email solution. As you have probably already realized, the built in email application that comes with the E71 may not be good enough for the heavy email user. I've had to rely on other 3rd party applications to handle my email needs, until Nokia's new solution came along.

Nokia Email Service is still in beta and in the testing phase, but like always Nokia allows it's customers to try out applications they are working on to get feedback. As of right now corporate email addresses and hotmail accounts are not supported (probably because it's in testing mode), but I'm using my Gmail account with it and it's working beautifully. If your provider uses POP or IMAP the setup is as simple as entering your username and password.

So far my email comes to my E71 faster than it does the Gmail inbox on my computer. Both inbox's are perfectly in sync and the application is extremely reliable. It's replaced all my other email solutions on my E71. I can type out an email when I'm offline and have it send next time I want to go online. Switching on/off email retrieval is only a few clicks.

Nokia Email Video Review

I just found this on youtube and it's a great overview of the application on the E71. It's 8 minutes long so grab a bag of popcorn and sit back...

Want To Read A Good Text Review Of Nokia Email? Click here to read a more detailed review of the new email application where you can learn about the number shortcuts, local folders, etc. A real good write-up with all the pros and cons.

What's the cost? Right now this application is free. However, I'm not sure what Nokia's plans are once the beta phase is over.

Can I Add It To My Homescreen? Yes. It works perfectly.

To follow the beta testing phase and leave feedback go to Nokia Beta Labs. It's highly recommended that you voice your opinion to Nokia so they can work out all the bugs and add features.

Go to email.nokia.com to get started.

Have you already tried it out? I'd love to hear all over your comments about Nokia's new attempt to rival it's competitors with a better email solution.

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