Get The Official E71 Version Of Nokia Internet Radio

About a month ago I posted that there was no version of Nokia Internet Radio specifically meant for the Nokia E71. Thanks to a comment by Aditya.H here at Fanatics I can inform you guys and gals that there is now a Nokia Internet Radio version for the E71.

Before this people were using the N95 or another version but I was getting random crashes and sometimes stations would not load properly. So far this new version solves that I've noticed.

If you haven't tried Nokia Internet Radio I highly recommend it. It's one of the best free solutions for streaming radio over the internet to your E71. What does this application do?
More than just music
Choose from a large variety of stations and shows, including news, sporting events and music.

Discover and enjoy
Browse for your favorite radio programs by genre, language, or country, or search by station name.

Top stations
Explore the most popular stations and stay in touch with the mobile internet radio community.

Always with you
Nokia Internet Radio service is supported by both packet data and WLAN connections.

Click here to download Nokia Internet Radio for the E71.

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