& The E71 = Bliss, Thanks To A 3rd Party Application Called Mobbler

Dexter from E71 Blog has just posted a great rundown of how to get on your Nokia E71. is a great music streaming website that lets you pick what type of music you want to hear then it delivers the tracks.

I've been using Mobbler on my E71 for a few weeks now and so far it works pretty good. You can leave this application running for hours and not have to worry about the battery, since of course the E71 has remarkable battery life. On my N82 the phone would die after like 2 hours. I've left Mobbler running on my E71 for 5 hours the other day and only lost a few bars.

For a review about Mobbler click here and read Dexter's article (with screenshots).

Click here to download Mobbler for your E71 and start streaming your music.

Have any of you already tried this application? Let me know your thoughts on it.

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