Next E71 Firmware: What Bugs Or Problems Can Be Fixed? Any Missing Features?

The release of the Nokia E71 has brought an onslaught of brand new Nokia users that are looking for certain features they had in previous phone brands. Not to mention a handful of bugs and annoyances that have been reported since the latest Eseries smartphone made it's debut. Of course this is expected when a device first comes out and I'm confident that Nokia will work hard to address some of the issues.

A few E71 (hopefuly) firmware fixes off the top of my head...

- Camera Fix: photos show a purple haze.
- Make real auto-focus instead of having to use a shortcut button for every picture.
- Some incoming calls aren't identified as contacts in the phonebook when they really are.
- Make the built in Email application work how it should instead of constantly dropping the connection.
- Make Contacts & Calendar fit in better with themes.

No word yet when the next E71 firmware update will be, hopefully soon since the phone has been available for a few months already.

I know there are a handful more and I'll leave it up to all of you voice your thoughts.

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