E71 & GPS Tip: Enable Assisted GPS To Get A Faster Lock

I got a email the other day from reader Nick showing me a tip to get a faster GPS lock on my E71. I personally already had this setting enabled, but he mentioned to me that his Nokia E71 came shipped without the A-GPS setting enabled. I think it may depend on if you bought your phone from a carrier or unlocked - regardless it's worth it to check your device.

Here are the steps to enable A-GPS on the E71...

Tools > Settings > General > Positioning > Positioning Server > Your Access Point.

Also, be sure to make sure Assisted GPS is checked under "Positioning Methods".

Keep in mind this will use some internet data when search for a GPS satellite so make sure you have a data plan with your carrier.

Nick mentioned to me that before he changed these settings it took his E71 sometimes 20 minutes to lock onto a satellite. Now it takes him 5-60 seconds. He is using Vodafone UK for his carrier.

Personally here in the USA on the AT&T network I am able to lock onto a satellite using A-GPS in 5-10 seconds, and like I said my phone came shipped with this already enabled.

Hopefully this solves your problem if your having GPS problems with your E71. Thanks again to Nick for the email tip.

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