E71 Tip: Extensions & Pins For Automated Phone Systems - Specify In Your Contacts

Do you have a contact that requires you to dial a specific pin number or extension every time you call the person? I have at least two or three, including my bank and my girlfriend's work number. Both are commonly used numbers. Now when I dial those numbers the pins and extensions are automatically created by my Nokia E71 using the methods I will show you below...

The screenshot to the right was created by the folks from S60.com, where I originally found this tip.

1. Type the phone number into your S60 device, then insert the letter p, p stands for pause, it will pause the dialing for one second. Need it to pause for three seconds? Simply insert three p's.

2. Next you'll insert the extension or pin ID along any hash marks are stars that are needed.

If needed...

3. (if more than one extension) Finally you'll insert the PIN number followed by the hash mark and push SEND.

4. The number you dialed will look like this: +3585012345678p12345#p6789# - It dials the number, pauses for one seconds, inserts the conference ID, pauses again, then inserts the PIN code.

Your number may be shorter or longer, depending on the automated system your trying to manipulate.

Give it a try and see if it works for you. Hopefully this makes dialing your business contacts much easier, and of course this can be saved in your E71's address book.

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