New Nokia Email (beta) Version Coming Tomorrow, Oct. 10 - With Lots Of Updates

This is by far the best news I've heard all day. Gwapz from Mobile World Innovation has informed us that Beta Labs will have a update to the new Nokia Email application. I told you about this new service a few weeks ago, and how impressed I am by it.

Here is a quote taken from the article,

"Beta 3 brings with it wider support for devices, more localization options, better mailbox management and now true synchronization so that everything stays the way it should be! No more randomly re-appearing emails you’re sure you deleted. Another major feature is the addition of support for multiple email addresses so alternate personal emails, or the address you use for newsletters etc can live side by side on your device. The beta stage of trialling Nokia Email Service is totally free for anyone who wants to use it and anyone using the software will be emailed when this period comes to an end."

Alot of those updates are what people here and around the community have been hoping for.

Why try something still in beta?

Well, obviously it's a good way to tell Nokia what you do/don't like about their upcoming applications and services. And believe me I know first hand that they listen and make changes based on your feeback. So don't hold back. There are many ways to communication with them. You can fill out the feedback forms or leave comments on the articles at Nokia Beta Labs.

Check out tomorrow, October 10th for the beta release number 3 of Nokia Email. I really am starting to think Nokia is hitting the nail on the head with this new email solution for the E71.

Also, be sure to check where you can read articles about the application and leave comments.

Are any of you excited as I am? Be sure to check out Mobile World Innovation as leave them a comment.

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