E71 & Ovi Calendar: Sync Automatically With Swim - Includes All SyncML Setups

I've fallen in love with Ovi Calendar Sync and how pefectly my entries stay in sync with my E71. But a huge downfall WAS that you had to manually sync them, instead of schedule or automatic sync.

Thanks to this article I read this morning over at Series60.ca by oddsocks, I have downloaded a new application called Swim that allows you to schedule automatic sync times of Ovi Calendar and all other SyncML calendars you have setup on your E71, such as Zyb or Mobical or ScheduleWorld.

You can have it sync every 15 minutes, hour, four hours, 12 hours, daily, or weekly. I know longer have to worry about adding an entry on the computer and then forgetting to sync via my phone. It's now done automatically.

I have mine set for every four hours since usually don't update my calendar more often than that. This also syncs your Notes and Contacts if you have that enabled in the sync settings. Too bad Ovi Sync doesn't yet support Active Notes.

If you haven't tried Ovi Sync yet then you might want to read this article I wrote a month ago, outlining all my likes and dislikes. The only dislike I had is now fixed!

Download Page: http://code.google.com/p/bergamot/

This application is unsigned and can easily be signed at www.symbiansigned.com. Just look for the "Open Signed" link and follow the very simple instructions. Took me about five minutes.

How do all of you sync your calendars with the Nokia E71. Has Ovi provided a decent enough setup, or do you prefer another method? Hope this application can help you out.

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