E71 Theme: Red & Blue Wave By Babi, And An Email Icon Tip

Here is a great looking theme I've been using on my Nokia E71 lately. This one comes in red and blue, I've been using the blue. Props to Babi for making such a clean looking theme.

You'll notice in that screenshot the custom icons which I love. However, nobody has seemed to figure out the email icons that show up on the E71 homescreen. Instead of mail icons, the calendar icon is shown on my E71. I absolutely hate that, so I've decided to use this theme with the default icon set of the E71.

Check out the screenshot of below of my E71 homescreen.

My email icons show up as email icons instead of the calendar icon. Sucks that we have to give up the great custom icons by some of these theme makers.

Every theme you download comes with two .sis files. The one that includes something like "def" or "defualt" in the filename will be the one that uses the default icons. Choose that one if you're looking for my setup.

Click here to download this E71 theme.

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