Nokia Email Service Down Saturday For Upgrades, Including Gmail Love

Just letting you all know that the Nokia Email Service will be down this Saturday. It's not Saturday yet here in my location but I just noticed the service is already down. They experienced a huge number of usage after their last upgrade to the application and realized that they need to be on better and larger servers. So for now your going to have to make due with the built in email application for your needs, or use the Gmail application that I showed you last week.

Here's what Davis Fields from the Nokia Email team had to say...

It’s Davis Fields from the Nokia Email service team. Wanted to give you a brief update on a few items, and to thank you for your continued feedback as we continue to work on the next update that you’ll see before the end of the year. A few notes:
  • Due to the popularity of the service as well as the increased traffic that’s come as a result of multiple mailbox support, we’re going to be upgrading to a higher bandwidth server cluster. There’s a chance your ISP might take a little while to recognize the DNS changes, in which case you would see an outage of and email delivery on your device. The occurs at 1:00 am GMT on November 8th, so most will never notice this outage, but wanted to keep you posted.
  • I’m pleased to say there’s going to be a lot of added functionality for our Gmail users in the next release, including support for Google Apps hosted domains (as well as other similar personalized domain email solutions). Please continue to submit your email settings if our auto-detection system isn’t correctly working at this link.
  • A few other bugs we’ve fixed in between big releases – we’ve resolved an issue some users encountered where Nokia Email asks for your password randomly. There’s a bug where your email stops syncing when you receive a very large attachment that we’re currently looking into, if you delete the offending email from your webmail, it should begin syncing normally again, but we’re obviously working to fix this for future releases.

Keep the feedback coming!

Davis Fields

Source: Nokia Beta Labs

Have a great weekend everybody!

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