Update E71 Firmware Safely With These Tips - And How's The New Firmware?

Is this your first time updating Nokia firmware? I know many readers here at the blog are first time S60 users - the E71 being their first Nokia smartphone. Updating to the latest firmware can be a little tricky, but the fellas at E71 Blog have posted a handy guide, showing you steps everyone should take before upgrading to the newest E71 firmware. This will ensure that you don't lose data - because if you didn't know a firmware update will wipe out your entire phone memory.

The methods he shows are using the tools within the device to backup your memory. You can also use Nokia PC Suite with the backup tools, which is the method I prefer.

Click here to check out the article.

Either method you choose - DON'T FORGET TO BACKUP YOUR DATA.

How Is The New Firmware?

If you've been following my last article about the latest E71 firmware you'll see hundreds of comments, with the most recent showing that almost all regions are finally seeing the update.

But still nothing here in North America - for me at least.

For all those who have updated... How is it? Are you satisfied? Is the purple haze now gone from the pictures? Any new problems with the firmware? What are your thoughts?

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