E71 Themes: Steel Black Spectrum, Some Of The Best I've Seen

Hello everyone! Hope you're all having a good weekend. Between all the holiday shopping, holiday parties, my birthday partying, and work - I've found little time to blog. But now that I have the shopping done, and most of the parties done, I can focus on writing again. To kick things off I'll share with you my favorite set of themes that I've recently discovered.

Theme maker AttisX has nailed it on the head with his latest theme pack called Steel Black. The whole pack is called Steel Black Spectrum, and is a rather large file as it includes many color variants, depending on what you want. My favorites is the red variation, although the blue looks great on my E71 as well.

Check out the screenshot below...

And below is how it looks on my E71. Keep in mind I'm using the default icons version, I don't think the custom version has enough icons...

Another thing to keep in mind is that my phone DOES NOT have the latest firmware. I've heard from all of you that dark themes do not look right in the Contacts menu, making it unreadable with the latest firmware. I haven't verified this is the case with this theme, maybe one of you can.

Link: http://axthemes.extra.hu/new.html

The Steel Black Spectrum link is the one that includes all the colors, or you can just download the Steel Black original which is just the red, like the one I use.

Enjoy! Let me know if you like them, and stay tuned for a S60 holiday theme post.

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