Nokia Email - Out Of Beta, Lots Of New Features & Enhancements

If your a fan of Nokia Email and Gmail then you should be happy to hear that the latest release, no longer a beta release, is optimized for slightly Google and now includes Yahoo Mail. I'm extremely happy to hear about some of the latest features, but really bummed to hear that a few still missing. Keep reading for the details...

New Features:
  • Support for Yahoo! Mail
  • Support for more Nokia S60 phones
  • Support for up to ten email addresses
  • Support for subfolders for IMAP email accounts
  • Support for Google Apps hosted email and other vanity domain email addresses
  • Flagged messages will automatically become starred messages in Gmail
  • More intuitive inbox navigation via a discoverable control bar
  • Faster opening of inbox
  • Sent email will be synced to your webmail’s sent folder for all email addresses
Improvements For Gmail

I have to say that I'm loving this new version so far, tested with my Gmail. It's a lot better with battery life, and the application runs a little faster. The server is definitely pulling my mail faster and keep the mail in sync much better. Gmail Labels are shown as folders, which are also synced perfectly with Gmail. Emails in can be moved to folders, and will reflect your actual Gmail account. To enable imap folders, you must do this from your account settings at Also, you can flag a message and it will add a star in Gmail, and stars with show with flags. Not to mention a slick Gmail logo is added to your inbox. I don't have any screenshots as of right now, so your just gonna have to try it out yourself.


Html support is still missing, although Davis Fields from the development team assures us that it's almost ready:
I want to acknowledge specifically the omission of HTML in this release – we have spent plenty of time figuring out the best way to implement HTML and we are close to delivering it, but not in this release. It’s an important feature to us.
I have faith that this feature will be coming soon. What else? I'm hoping that support for exchange email will come, and even calendar sync. If we can get this puppy to sync our Google/Outlook calendars that would be a huge win.

Live In India or Southeast Asia? Become A S60 Ambassador & Join The Nokia Messaging Campaign

If you've followed my blog for a few months you already know that I work for Nokia on the S60 Ambassador Team. Right now there is a campaign going on to promote Nokia Messaging, and it's exclusive for India and Southeast Asia. Become an ambassador and join the campaign.

What does the S60 Ambassador Program entail?
You already talk about your E71right? I love showing mine off. Just remember these discussions and submit a report about it. The more reports you submit the more points you get. Myself and Stefan read all the reports you write and give out the points. At the end of each campaign there are prizes given out. If you win "Report Of The Week", you get a loaner E71 for 2 months to allow another family member or friend use. If you're in the top 10% at the end of the campaign you get a stereo headset. Not bad right? Go to and join!

Have you tried out Nokia Email, I mean Nokia MESSAGING! The latest version is definitely worth a try. If you have any questions or need help setting this up, be free to leave a comment below.


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