A Big "Ooops" In Recent Nokia Email Version, Access Point Fix Coming Soon

Ok Ok. I know many of you were livid when you found out the latest version of Nokia Email (now called Nokia Messaging) did not include a way for you to change your data access points. Personally this didn't affect me since always use the same one, but for those high with data rates need the option to select a WLAN connection.

E71 Fanatic "GriNinja" commented here the other day about an official statement made by the Nokia Messaging Team:

A few answers for the time being -
1. Access point selection is coming back in an upcoming patch. We made a big mistake on this (it wasn’t an arbitrary decision, we’re exploring better ways to switch between APNs as well). Apologies for any problems this may have caused. Here’s one workaround for the time being:
- during client setup (in the E-Mail setup program which runs after receiving the text message), set the connection as default. this will mean that the email client will take the system default connection.
- to swap to 3G data or other wifi connection: open the browser (or other application that needs to go OTA). if you have set data connection to “always ask”, the S60 will ask you what connection you would like to use…select (for example) 3G.
- close browser and connection.
- email client will now automatically connect to the last data connection.

This is encouraging news and it's great to see that they hear your voices. For now you can use the tips he gave until the issue gets resolved in the next update.

Here are a few other problems they are working on...

2. We’re going through and fixing issues with the “500: Failure - Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection?”. One of the changes we made in this release was to use your mail provider’s SMTP server to send out emails (so they always appear in your webmail sent email). That change caused problems for some users. We’re actively fixing them. We did a large patch on Friday that resolved most of these issues, but if you’re experiencing that problem, please send an email to support@nokiamessaging.com

3. If you’re getting connection error messages, try this: Log into email.nokia.com using your email address and password you signed up with, choose “edit settings” on either of your email addresses, change the password (just put back in your email password, don’t actually change it). Go back to the main page of the website and choose “install” and re-send the installation SMS to your phone.

We ARE reading your comments here, emails you send to nokiaemail [at] nokia.com, and blog and forum posts around the internet. Your feedback is valuable, and while any problems you’re experiencing with Nokia Messaging are understandably frustrating, we’re working to resolve them for you. The fixes that we make today will result in a much better final product as we continue to improve Nokia Messaging.

Where are these comments being posted? Over at the official S60 blog. Click here for the article where you can see the comments and updates by Davis Fields.

If you are having any other issues, it's best to go to that link and make your voice heard.

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