Customizing The Nokia E71 Homescreen To Fit Your Needs

One of my favorite things about the Eseries devices is the ability to customize the homescreen. It allows you to be as efficient as possible, giving you fast access to all your necessary applications. And for those who have never owned a Nseries device, be proud that this customization is something the Eseries has over phones like the N95, where homecreen customization is not possible.

First off, we'll take a look at how I have my E71 homescreen configured...

As you can see I have my six application shortcuts across the top. From left to right: Google Maps, Calcium Calculator, Slick IM, Notes, Music Player, Settings. Below that I have notifications for my OWA exchange email which I use the Seven application for, then my personal email which uses Nokia Email, then calendar entries, to-do notes, and search. Then my two shortcuts are Menu and a web bookmark to Google Reader.

What Can Be Configured?

As you can see I don't have WLAN search on my screen. I hardly use WLAN so it's not necessary to be on my homescreen, and normally I take off the Search: Internet and My Content portion as well.

You can also elect to hide or show email inboxes, the calendar shortcut, and t0-do note shorcuts.

To see these options go to Modes > Homescreen Applications > Enabled Applications. You should see the screenshot below, and this is where you control everything.

Notice where it says "Application Shortcuts" in the second screenshot? You can even get rid of the six app shortcuts across the top, if you don't need them for whatever reason. Some people just don't like all the clutter. Here is how that would look...

Or maybe you just want shortcuts and email...

To control which email inbox(s) will show go back one screen and select Email 1 notification, and Email 2 if it applies. Here you can control which inbox shows and how the preview will look. Like I said before I have my Work email as Email 1 which is used by the Seven Email application. The Nokia Email shortcut shows as "Intellisync" in the Enabled Applications setting that I showed you previously.

Needless to say Mode Settings is where you also control your six application shortcuts. Don't forget you can make a web bookmark one of your shortcuts.

Turn Off Active Standby Completely

Lastly, you can turn off all the active standby shortcuts completely. This will allow you to have a blank screen, besides the normal time and notifications. Here the navigational d-pad buttons will serve as shortcuts, similar to most "basic" phones. Up, left, down, and right each do something different.

To enable this go to Settings > General > Personalization > Homescreen > Active. Personally I never use this setting, as I like having all my information on my E71 homescreen.

What is your favorite setting? How do you configure your homescreen?

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