E71 Fanatics Forum Is Live For Testing - Join Today

After getting a ton of "yay" votes to add a forum to this blog for all you E71 fanatics, it's finally here.

I'm launching the forum a little early to see if we are gonna have any kinks to work out as far as the server goes. Consider it in "testing" mode, although I think it will hold up just fine.

The forum software I chose is called bbpress, which is a new venture for me. I chose it because I wanted something clean, simple, and easy to configure. The sign up and posting process should be a breeze for everyone.

Right now we will have three forum sections...

General Help & Tips, S60 Application discussion, and S60 Themes discussion. If I see the need for other sections I'll add them, and feel free to chime in with your thoughts.

If you have any problems as far as the forum goes be sure to add them to my "Welcome" post I created. Keep in mind right now you can't add a signature, images, or get email subscriptions. All of those features are coming soon.

Link: http://forums.e71fanatics.com

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