E71 Firmware v200.21.118 Available For Some Euro Product Codes

Yet another firmware update is available for the Nokia E71, but right now only certain Euro product codes get it. I haven't even been able to get the last update for my North American E71-2. This means that my E71 is now two firmware updates behind. Instead of making this another firmware ranting post, I'm just gonna give you the details of this new firmware verson v200.21.118.

Gerrymoth over at nokiAAddict.com has brought us this outstanding news for European E71 owners. The changelog he has posted is quite extensive and looks to be worth going through the hassle. Sadly there is no User Data Preservation in this update, so everything in the phone will be wiped out. My N82 has User Data Preservation, everything is left perfectly intact during a firmware update which is great. Hopefully this feature comes to Eseries devices sometime soon, especially since these phones are more business oriented than the Nseries.

Check out the changelog below:

New functionalities in MCU SW version 200.21.118:

- Internet Radio application
- My Nokia application
- 3G power reduction for applications using keep-alive style messaging
- User experience improvements:
- Easy Dialing support for Simplified Chinese language
- Device Lock improvement: Open device lock with LSK + Fn-keys
- One key input method switch for China language
- ‘Mute’ option in Right Soft Key when wired headset / hands free is connected
- ‘Loudspeaker’ option in Right Soft Key immediately when phone call is started
- Enlarge characters in Chr-table
- NTLM v1 and v2 support for Intranet Browsing
- New black and red themes

Changes/improvements made to MCU SW version 200.21.118:

- Time zones updated
- Improvements to localization
- Localization fixes
- Missing localizations added
- Operator name database updated
- Startup Settings updated
- Certificates updated
- Security updates
- Stability and functionality improvements
- Barcode reader icon changed from 1D icon to 2D icon
- Windows DRM keys are not lost during NSU update from 110.07.127

Qwerty keyboard
- Stability and functionality improvements
- Keyboard mapping corrections

- Stability and functionality improvements
- Flash Lite improvements

- WLAN stability improvements
- EAP-FAST/TLS stability improved
- WLAN roaming functionality improved
- BT IOP and Dial-up stability improvements

- Several stability and functionality improvement

- Stability and functionality improvements
- Performance improvement

- Several stability and functionality improvements

- Many stability and functionality improvements

- Mail for Exchange upgraded from version 2.5.5 to 2.7.22
- Improved functionality when sending email via SSL/TLS SMTP server

Mobile dictionary
- Stability improvements
- Improvement for installed languages. Installed language can be removed.

- Camera image improvements & slow capture correction with certain HW’s
- Stability improvements

Music player
- General functionality and stability improvements

- Update for CLDC-HI (Sun 1.1.1s Java VM)

Device encryption
- Device encryption functionality and stability improvements

Switch application
- Application updates and stability improvements

I've got confirmations from a few people that this is available for RM-346 EURO versions of the E71. Who knows how long it will take for this firmware to reach my E71-2, I still haven't got the old one.

Be sure to backup your data on the device before the update.

Let us know if you find it for your product code, and how good the changes are. I'm curious to know if the dark theme problem has been fixed in the Contacts application.

Props to nokiAAdict.com for all this info. Check out that site for great tips and tricks from an enthusiastic E71 owner.

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