Beautiful Connections: Exclusive E71 Application & A Few Sidenotes (Big News)

It's extremely rare when you see Nokia launch an application meant for a specific device. They've just launched a dedicated webpage for E71 owners showing off this new application, which is more of a fun gimic than being useful.

What's it all about?

Aaron report over at

The application is simple to use, and its purpose is to spice up your text messages and makes for a beautiful connection. It allows the user to input a maximum of 40 characters of text, then it presents a visualization of that text with random and colorful waves, lines and dots. The fun part is to watch how these lines and waves slowly grow all through out the screen during the presentation. Here's a video demo...

Click here to see the full article with video and screenshots. (sorry for the teaser)

Click here to visit the E71 Beautiful Connections website.

Sidenotes & Big News:

1. I recently got engaged to my girlfriend! I took her to visit her favorite city - San Francisco - this past weekend and that is where I popped the question. Of course she said yes and we're extremely excited. What an amazing trip we had. Sadly I ended up leaving my E71 behind and opted to take the N82 (for obvious reasons, save for another post). Cheers to my new engagement!

2. The E71 forums are blowing up! If you haven't checked it out yet, what are you waiting for? We have nearly 500 members in just over 2 weeks. Thanks for everyone who has participated so far. In the coming days I'll be picking a few moderators and updating a few things in the forum. Visit the E71 Fanatics Forum.

3. Tons of articles are in my mind and on a to-do list. I should be getting some of these out this week. Things like Goosync, Remember the Milk, Nokia Image Exchange, a huge instant messaging article, facebook, music, + more. Sounds juicy right? Stay tuned!

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