Another Look At The E75, This Time Next To The E71

I just wanted to touch on this subject one more time. After reading some of the comments from the last article I wrote about the upcoming Nokia E75, it seems people are still happy with the E71 and don't really see the need to upgrade. I kind of have the same feelings, although I really want to see how this slider feels compared to some of the Nseries sliders like the N95 and N85. Comments like this one really make me think... ANGLEofdarkness said,

I like the E71 for the solid form factor and long battery life. After going from a rickety N95 that "went creaky" with a battery that lasted less than a day, I can not say I would voluntarily switch back to a slider phone with a smaller battery. The 3.5mm jack would be nice though ;)

Ricky from recently got his hands on the Nokia E75 and put it side by side with the E71. It's amazing how the E75 is only slightly thicker than the E71, while the E71 is wider because of the landscape screen. You'll also notice that the slider on the E75 seems to be very solid, especially for being a pre-production model. Click here to watch the video and see Ricky's comments.

Ani from S60 Blog has put together a very handy chart to see the features of the E75 and E71 side by side. Seems the E71 still holds it's own. Click here to see the chart.

Lastly, a discussion has begun over at the E71 Fanatics Forums. Check it out here.

One last time, what are your thoughts? I promise this is the last E75 article ;)

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