Nokia Messaging Access Point Problem Fixed, Still No HTML Support

A few weeks ago the Nokia Messaging application was patched, bringing back the option to change your data access point. It was mistakenly left out of the prior update. I have a feeling the servers have also been updated. Before this update my Gmail would sometimes not hit my device and sync for hours at a time. Now it seems that everything is back to normal and my email is reaching me before it hits the inbox on my PC. For Nokia Messaging to really be a success, immediate email retrieval is an absolute must.

Also updated is the Yahoo email support for Nokia Messaging.
Yahoo users will need save their credentials to upgrade their Yahoo Mail accounts so they continue to receive email. Open the Inbox for the Yahoo email address, and select Back. Select Settings on the launcher page. Open the Settings for the Yahoo address. Type the password for this email address in the Password field and Select Back and you’re ready to go.

Lastly, html email will soon be coming to the E71 and Nokia Messaging...
The E75 and E55 feature our first clients that include support for HTML, but don’t worry, we are close to our next release for older devices that includes support for HTML.

You can find the official announcement about this update here. Be sure to leave your feedback in the comments as well.

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