E71 & Facebook Messaging: Emoze Does The Job, Along With Gmail, Corporate Email, Etc.

Perhaps the most common question I see from Nokia E71 owners is "How can I check my email?". Sure there is the default mailbox that came with the E71, but as many of you know it's extremely weak, slow, and inneffecient. Nokia's latest solution is Nokia Messaging, but I know first hand that many of you are not happy with what it has to offer. There are a handful of other applications that handle email, but one in particular has really stood out to me. Emoze offers a little more, allowing you to send/recieve Facebook messages directly from your E71 smartphone. Read more for the details...

Emoze is a big player in the push email business and they are currently making waves. They have pushed the biggest dog out of the way by beating Blackberry at it's own game, Emoze can deliver email faster then Blackberry. I have recently learned (even though it's old news) that Emoze can do more than just provide you access to email and sync your calendar/contacts, it also has Facebook messaging capabilities. This is a big deal for the millions of Facebook users. No longer are you chained to your PC browser for Facebook messaging, you can now get it in email format on your phone. This should help most of you cater to your "social" side.

Download the Emoze app by going to m.emoze.com from your Nokia E71. You will pick Facebook from a list and input your Facebook user name and password. At that point you are ready to start sending messages as if you were logged into Facebook at home on your computer. Within a couple minutes Emoze will have downloaded your current messages and you can read and reply to them as well. I haven't seen any other service that can pull this off.

The people behind Emoze worked quite hard so you can load it on dozens of handsets including Symbian, Windows Mobile and perhaps most importantly, nearly all handsets that support java applications. The java version will work on a variety of popular handsets from manufacturers like Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Nokia including S40. This way you can connect with your friends and family who aren't fortunate enough to own a Nokia Eseries device.

It's nice to see email companies bridging the gap between work and play. Emoze can also connect to the following email types:

- Outlook
- Gmail
- Hotmail
- Facebook messaging
- Your own home or ISP email account
- OWA Corporate email

Head over to www.emoze.com to give it a try.

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