E71 Theme: tehkseven Nails It With His N86 Solace Re-Creation

Nokia has never been known to create nice themes that come shipped with a new device until recently. I’ve always thought the default theme that come build into S60 devices were very dull and plain. Starting a few months back – about 2 firmware updates ago the E71 got a few new themes. You guys know the ones I’m talking about. Red Personal/Black Personal, same goes for Business. They are not the greatest but I am pretty satisfied with them.

Nokia’s New N86 Theme

Nokia_N86 Recently the Nokia N86 was announced. If you haven’t seen it yet then you’re missing out, especially if you love taking pictures. The N86 will be the new flagship cameraphone device in Nokia’s smartphone lineup. Besides the 8mp camera you also get a large screen and stellar music capabilities.  I really can’t wait to get my hands on this and test out the camera features. Nice to hear that it’s going to have North American 3g as well.

Besides all of the features, something else stood out to me and many others who are interested in this device. The new theme shown in the press release photos looks absolutely gorgeous. The new Ovi icons really stand out over the soft greyish/blue background. These same icons are found on the Nokia E75, which I showed you recently. From here on out these are the icons that we’ll be seeing on every Nokia S60 device released.

Props to whoever inside Nokia created these fresh new icons. Don’t forget to include them in the next E71 firmware update ;)

Ok. Enough babbling about the N86 itself. How about this theme that I want to show all of you…

N86 Theme For The Masses

This is where theme master tehkseven enters the picture. He decided to recreate the highly demanded S60 theme on his own and made sure to perfect it for all S60 3rd Edition devices. For the past few months or so he’s been releasing updated versions of his masterpiece for people willing to test it and give feedback. Thanks to an email from E71fanatics reader Khairul for informing me that the final version of N86 Solace by tehkseven is finally ready!


And look… the Calendar AND Contacts are changed…

Screenshot0020 Screenshot0024

Email notifications on the homescreen are left intact. Even the pop-ups are changed…

Screenshot0022 Screenshot0023

Huge thumbs up to tehk for this beautiful E71 theme. DOWNLOAD HERE

Check Out What Else tehkseven Is Working On



No comment on that. All I can say is I can’t wait for it.

Have you tried out N86 Solace yet? Install this on your E71 and let us know what you think!

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