A Few E71 Tips For Sending Texts, Music Player, Contacts, And More

magic_tricks_250x251 We’re always looking for ways to be faster and more efficient in everything we do in life. The Nokia E71 essentially does this - makes my life easier. Besides all the major things it does for me, there are a ton of very minor features that we often overlook. I hate hassling with the small things that waste time and distract you from your overall goal. If you take some time to look for shortcuts and use them constantly they become second nature. I'm sure many of you already know these tips exist. But for new E71 users these shortcuts shortcuts should be very helpful.

Keep reading to see if these suggestions can help you out...

Creating & Sending A Message

First off I'll show you a faster way to select a contact. Instead of searching your address book you can simply start typing the contact's name in the "To:" field. After a few letters push the center d-pad button and a list of matches will pop up. If there is only one match the name will be entered automatically. As you can see below I started typing “Mario” to find my contact. All it took was two or three letters to narrow it down.


When you are done typing out your entire message and your contact has been added, simply push the Green Call Button to send the message. No need to push options>send.

Finding Music Faster With Typing & Scrolling

Another tip is with the E71 Music Player application. To find an artist or song just type the first few letters of what you’re looking for and the list will begin filtering, just like the contacts trick I showed you earlier.


This next trick I want to show you is usually new to most people. When scrolling down the list of songs or artists you’re already holding down (or up) the navigation button. Now let go and quickly push and hold it again and it will scroll even faster. You should see a “fast” label pop up in the top right.

Type To Start A Calendar Or Alarm Entry

Lastly, when you launch the Calendar or Clock application don’t fiddle with options to start what you need to add. If you’re adding a calendar entry start typing the subject and it will begin your entry. When setting your alarm just start typing  the time you want and push OK. Done!

Maybe you’ve heard of these… maybe you haven’t. I know there’s more but right now I can’t think of them.

If you know any others let us know! For more check out this article I wrote awhile back ago.

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