Nokia E71x vs. Unlocked E71. Nokia’s Slimmest Smartphone Coming To AT&T

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A few days ago the Nokia E71x became official. What is the Nokia E71x you might ask? Nokia and AT&T have finally decided to team up and bring the E71 to the largest carrier in the United States.  The price point is something that will catch many eye when they walk into a store, especially after they see that the E71x is in sexy black. For most Americans a smartphone this slick with a $99.99 price tag is a deal, especially considering what the E71 is capable of.

This is great news for Nokia, this website, and consumers. The E71x will bring S60 3rd Edition to the masses, making a new rival to the Blackberry on AT&T. It won’t compete (I don’t think) with hardcore Blackberry users, but many people buy the Blackberry from AT&T just because of the full keyboard. Most of them are not considered power users. These are the people I think the E71x will attract the most.

But is it really a deal? Should I sell my E71-2 unlocked and get the E71x?

That’s a good question. Seeing how many emails I’ve gotten, I know it's on people’s minds.

Data Costs

I’m sure many of you have already done the math and I’d love to see that math in the comments section. If you want a data plan for the E71x you’re going to be required to buy smartphone plan (or whatever it’s called) that costs upwards of $30 a month. I don’t have the exact numbers offhand.

Right now I pay $15 a month for unlimited data on my unlocked E71. I’m saving myself $180 a year.


So far it looks like the E71x hardware is exactly the same as the E71 unlocked. Of course the E71x is in sexy black and has an AT&T logo, but that’s about it. Nokia Experts got their hands on the E71x and say the back cover is indeed metal. Many claimed it looked like plastic but that’s not the case. It still has a 2.5mm headset jack (stupid).

Under The Hood

The E71x will have S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 2. The unlocked E71 versions have Feature Pack 1. What’s the difference? Read this article since I don’t feel like explaining it. For most people including myself, it’s minor.

The time on the homescreen has been moved to the bottom bar, making more room for calendar entries and emails. Personally I love this feature and wish my chrome E71 can do this.

Photo by Engadget

The time also stays there when navigating through the menus. Very cool!

I’m sure most of you have owned a carrier branded phone. Usually the menus are packed with icons and apps that are useless and cost money. Most often you can’t move the applications or delete them. THEY DID THIS TO THE E71x. I’m really surprised that AT&T managed to get away with this. Check out this hands on E71x vs. E71 unlocked video preview by PhoneScoop

You can’t even move that junk into another folder. Your main menu will be cluttered. Personally I can’t deal with this. At least they left the multitasking capabilities on the E71x. Whew.

I’m not sure if applications such as Nokia Maps, Share on Ovi, Podcasting, etc. are loaded up on the device or even compatible with the E71x. Hopefully someone can verify this. Same goes for 3rd party S60 applications. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to install these applications, but you might have to make some tweaks. This topic will eventually be covered here at E71fanatics if I or someone else I know gets their hands on this device.

A Few Words From Nokia & AT&T

Here is some text from the official press release…

"The E71x is a lean, mean multimedia machine for busy people who want Internet-on-the-go capabilities in the palm of their hands," said Mark Louison, President, Nokia Inc. "Together with our carrier and industry partners in North America, Nokia continues to enhance the consumer mobile experience through a growing range of QWERTY music, messaging and feature rich devices."

Sleek, stylish and smart - the Nokia E71x with AT&T

The black steel colored Nokia E71x, exclusive to AT&T, houses all the multimedia and messaging capabilities people have come to crave in a world-class smartphone, made even more enjoyable with a large, high-resolution screen and full QWERTY keyboard.  The Nokia E71x makes it easier to stay in touch with friends, family and business contacts via social networking sites and corporate or personal emails, using Mail for Exchange or any of thousands of Internet service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo! mail and Hotmail.

Good to hear Mail for Exchange will be there.

Words from AT&T…

"We are excited to introduce the sleek Nokia E71x into the hands of messaging, social networking and email fans across the United States," said David Petts, Vice President and GM, AT&T Account for Nokia. "The Nokia E71x is building on the success of an award-winning smartphone design, which we are thrilled to bring to an even broader audience across the United States with AT&T."

One More Look At The Price Point

Once again the E71x will be available soon for $99.99 after a mail in rebate and a 2 year contract. If you are a prospective buyer, be sure to check out the E71-2 unlocked at sold at for $319.99. 

There you have it folks. The Nokia E71x is official, and all owners are welcome here at If you pick up the E71x shoot me an email so I can get more info from you.

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