Nokia Easy Meet: Collaborate, Communicate And Share In Real Time

layout3 Nokia Beta Labs is at it again. Meeting, collaborating, and sharing is the focus of their latest shenanigans. Using your Nokia E71 to communicate and share documents, photos, etc. is obviously the main point of the device. Email, sms, mms, calling, bluetooth are the basics of communicating.

Nokia wants to take this to the next level with Nokia Easy Meet, using the internet, the E71 and even  the PC to communicate and share in real time. It’s a little hard to explain so just check out the description and video…

Nokia Easy Meet is an intuitive mobile collaboration tool that allows for real-time sharing of content using mobile devices as well as PCs. The service is extremely easy to use. In fact, no software download is required for any device. All you need is access to an Internet browser. From either a PC or a mobile device, the user simply has to enter the Nokia Easy Meet URL and then create a meeting. The service supports regularly scheduled as well as ad hoc meetings.

Once you create a meeting, the service sends out an email and/or SMS to each participant. With just one click, each participant can join the meeting and view the content shared by the host. Content can come directly from the host’s device or from remote servers (via OVI Files).

Unlike many other web-based collaboration tools, Nokia Easy Meet allows mobile devices users to fully participate in the service. Mobile device users can see, interact with, and share content directly on or from the device. By providing complete functionality to mobile devices, mobile participants aren’t at a disadvantage in the meeting setting.


The following features are currently supported by Easy Meet:

  • File Sharing, supporting PPT, JPEG and PNG
  • Chat
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Whiteboard
  • Gesturing
  • File Downloads
  • Participant Awareness
  • Remote Content Access (OVI Files).
  • One click to join a conference, including voice conference

layout4Looks cool huh? The idea seems cool, but how will this play in the real world? I haven’t tried it yet but I do know when people want to communicate from their mobiles it’s because they are out and about, on the go. Waiting for someone to login to the  website might be a pain. I suppose this would be great if you have time to sit down and focus. I especially like the fact that you can do this from the PC as well.

Visit Nokia Beta Labs for more information.

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