Sneak Preview: Want To See A Kickass Theme? tehkSeven’s Enterprise And Slick New Icons

Not more than 3 weeks ago theme master tehkSeven took the Symbian S60 world by storm and gave it a swift kick in the rear.  Remember the post I made about the N86 styled theme? It was obviously well received with over 50 comments praising tehk for his wonderful creation.

Since then my favorite them maker has been hard at work with his own icon set that he properly named Seven. Personally I like these icons even better than the “touch Ovi” icons that we’re seeing on the newer Nokia devices. Check out this exclusive sneak preview of his newest Enterprise theme with the Seven icon set…




Screenshot0038 Screenshot0034

All of these screenshots were taken from my Nokia E71. Even the Mobbler application and Image Exchange application icons are customized, as shown below…



And of course the Calendar and Contact applications are customized to match the theme.

The Enterprise theme is not yet released (as of April 22nd, 9:30pm). Like I said in the title this is a SNEAK PREVIEW! Keep checking and be sure to bookmark the page. He has a new layout that is of course very clean! Congrats to tehk for this slick creation.

If anybody wants a certain screenshot let me know and I’ll try and get one for you.

Stay tuned! I’ll post the link to the theme when it is officially released.

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