Take Apart The Nokia E71: Instructions For Changing The Housing, Faceplate, Keypad

remove-top-cover-as-shown Have you ever wanted to take apart your Nokia E71 for whatever reason? Personally…I have not had the urge just yet. I hate opening up phones because I feel like they are never the same after, but some of you I know cannot resist the temptation. Maybe you have dust under your screen or want to change out the E71 housing – who knows?  Before I go on I must say this. TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Mark from TheNokiaBlog.com recently posted up a handy tutorial for taking apart or disassembling the Nokia E71. The disassembly tutorial gives you step by step instructions along with pictures.

Mark says,

Want to change how your Nokia E71 looks? Why not try a different colored keypad or faceplate? Here are photos and instructions which show you how you can do it yourself. Even though it’s simple, I have to warn you to only try this if you are prepared to risk ending up with a broken phone.

He also mentions that you can buy spare & replacement parts for the E71 at CNN.CN. I have used them before A LONG TIME AGO and their service was great.

One of his readers changed out the keypad on his grey E71 and it now has a white keypad. Personally I think it takes away from the rest of the phone be see for yourself.

Click here to find disassembly instructions for the Nokia E71.

Have any of you tampered with your E71 or put it under the knife? Anyone change out the body and mix up some colors? Feel free to send me some images to share with the rest of the community. Email me at mike@e71fanatics.com or find me on twitter @e71fanatics.

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