What Time Is It? Get A Clock Anywhere, Just Like The E71X And Feature Pack 2

Nokia E71 and time. It's not always easy. What if you’re checking Google Maps, the Internet, or Nokia Messaging? If you need the time immediately you are – as my mom would say – shitouttaluck.

nokia-e71xThe beauty of the E71 and all Symbian S60 smartphones is the availability of 3rd party applications. They may be hard to find, but they are there if  you look hard enough. A few weeks back I showed you all the E71x coming to AT&T here in the United States. I got a few emails from readers asking how to get the time in the bottom bar while navigating the menu and other applications so that we can easily see the time from any screen. Just like the picture of the E71x to the right. This is a small feature that comes with Symbian S60 Feature Pack 2 devices. Our unlocked E71s are Feature Pack 1. But I have found the solution…

I knew there was already an application called Timebar, but this app was unsigned. I hate dealing with unsigned apps so I’ve been on the lookout for one that you can install without any problems. This is where FreeTimeBox comes in to rescue us. I’ve had it installed on my E71 for about an hour now and so far so good.

Check out the images below. I have the time showing on the bottom right.Sorry there are no screenshots, for some reason the screenshots weren’t showing up with the time.


04222009119  04222009120

Say you don’t want the time to show up on a certain application. For instance it automatically shows on the homescreen. Obviously I don’t need that. Go into the settings and you can “blacklist” certain applications.


To find this setting go to Settings > Time Display > Black/White List Apps.

You can also configure the position of the clock (if you want it on the top that works too!), which pre-installed font is used, the font size, color, bold, italic, opacity, background color, seconds, time format, and a whole lot of sync settings. I’m unsure exactly what the sync settings do. Maybe sync the timezone of your E71 with the current location? I don’t use this feature.

FreeTimeBar is one of those “must-have” applications on your E71.

Here is the developers blog. It seems he has too much traffic and doesn’t work. So I’ve uploaded the file to my server. Let me know if the link below doesn’t work.

Download here



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